Catching Bad Guys With Tracking Devices

GPS Helps Track Robbers

Business owners worried about losing merchandise to thieves may want to look to GPS tracking devices for the answer. These tracking devices may also be helpful to private homeowners or others worried about their belongings being stolen. Just this week, GPS tracking devices have been helpful in solving two crimes. The first crime involved stealing flowers from a gravesite. A family in Massachusetts was confused when the flowers they placed on their son’s grave were stolen each year. In an effort to discover the thief, the Massachusetts police used a GPS tracking device which they placed inside the memorial flowers. And this year, when the flowers were stolen again, police were able to track the flowerpot and find the criminal.

In another incident, this one in Georgia, GPS technology was again used to solve a crime. When two men came into the local bank this week and demanded money, the thieves probably thought no one would ever be able to find them. What they didn’t know is that there was a GPS tracking device attached to the money. Local police were able to use signals from the tracking device to track the two criminals and recover the money.

These two incidents are not the only times GPS tracking devices have been used to solve a crime or recover stolen property. Many business owners and private citizens use GPS as a form of insurance. Although there have been cases where GPS devices sent faulty signals, this is rare. GPS, or global positioning systems, have a history of accuracy. This is one reason why these devices are a good choice for those looking to protect their assets. Most GPS theft prevention devices are attached to an object. Then if the object is stolen, police can follow the signals sent by the GPS device and find its exact location. GPS signals can be sent to a cell phone or computer for easy tracking. Although certain atmospheric conditions, such as humidity, can affect the accuracy of GPS signals, most GPS tracking devices are precise enough to pinpoint the location of an object to within a few feet. GPS technology has proven to be more effective in theft prevention and recovery of stolen objects than other security systems. As GPS devices continue to improve with technology, these tracking devices will be used more and more, both in the commercial and private world.