Celebrating Cinco De Mayo


Tracking System Company Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

Recognizing Latino Holiday

Lation_HolidayBeing headquartered in Southern California provides a great competitive advantage for GPS tracking system company Tracking System Direct. With metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego only a short distance away, Tracking System Direct is able to supply many local businesses and consumers with cost-effective vehicle tracking equipment. Working in the diverse and multi-cultural Southern California region not only exposes the local people to some unique holidays and traditions, but also the staff of Tracking System Direct. “We are very fortunate to work in a region where there is so much diversity and cultural heritage. Although many people outside of the southwestern portion of the United States may be unfamiliar with Latino holidays such as Cinco De Mayo, we are proud to celebrate and recognize these holidays with the people in our community”, explained President of Operations Ryan Horban. With that being said, Tracking System Direct is proud to celebrate and pay homage to the day where Mexican forces were able to win a fight verse the much stronger French army at the Battle of Puebla, which is now commemorated with the holiday of Cinco De Mayo.

Tracking System Direct will be offering discounts on all their most popular GPS trackers, including the GPS Tracking Key, Victoria tracking system and GPS Tracking Key Pro, throughout the week in honor of Cinco De Mayo. In order to access these special deals customers need only to phone or email a sales representative.

So enjoy a margarita, some chips and salsa or carne asada on this Cinco De Mayo weekend, but if you want to speak with a GPS tracking expert just know that we will be here to take your call all weekend long!


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