Cell Phone Tasers


Tasers That Blast

Cell Phone Stun Gun Provides Personal Protection

cell_phone_stun_gun_2Non-lethal personal protection devices are nothing new to security junkies, but with so many different forms and variations of stun guns on the market, choosing a covert and powerful taser can sometimes be a challenging task. Although there are many different security products for consumers to choose from, when it comes to power, portability and covert engineering, there are very few self-defense tools that are as effective as the cell phone stun gun.

Costing less than $85.00, the cell phone stun gun is not only a powerful non-lethal personal protection tool, but the device is also very affordable. Baton stun guns and flashlight stun guns are both great devices, but many of the other popular forms of taser technology are a) more expensive than the cell phone stun gun, b) cannot be carried in a purse or pocket and c) are not designed with a covert design.

The Definition Of Covert Personal Protection Technology

When most people think of covert personal or asset protection technology they typically think of GPS tracking systems, but cell phone stun guns are actually the devices that receive some of the top marks when it comes to covert capabilities. The reason why cell phone stun guns are great tools for consumer personal safety is because the systems are small enough to be carried by either men or women, and the design, which perfectly resembles an ordinary cellular phone, does not draw any attention. People may be able to hide  GPS car trackers and vehicle tracking units pretty much anywhere in an automobile, but cell phone stun guns are also built for travel, and have the unique ability to go undetected while keeping users safe.

How powerful are stun guns designed to resemble cellular phones? Powerful enough to disable any potential attacker on the spot because the tasers will blast a 2500KV electrical charge that will make any criminal attacker wish they never messed with you. Not to mention, with cellular phones now topping the list as the number one technological accessory carried by people, nobody would ever suspect that the innocent looking cell phone in your pocket or purse was actually an ultra-powerful self-defense weapon!