Cellular Company Gives Private GPS Tracking Information

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GPS Tracking DataGiven To Law Enforcement

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cellular_phoneAlmost every single person in the United States carries a cellular phone today. Since we now live in a fast-moving, mobile and information-hungry society, cellular phones are critical to not only receiving and sending phone calls, but to email communication, text message communication, note taking, Internet surfing and more. However, with the advancement of technology comes new questions and never before thought of concerns over privacy and personal rights. No situation has caused more of a controversy in regards to this matter then the recent announcement by the cellular communications giant Sprint that they gave law enforcement private GPS tracking location data of Sprint mobile users.

There are many positive applications of law enforcement having the ability to access private GPS tracking location data of a person’s cellular phone, such as in an emergency situation where a person may be in need of medical or police help. However, people understand and generally accept law enforcement use police GPS tracking of private location data when the person who’s location is being identified accepts or requests the reception of that private information. What many people and privacy advocates are not okay with is when their cellular provider willfully gives up private GPS tracking location and other private data to law enforcement or other government agencies without approval, and that is exactly what happened over 8 million time last year alone!

The recent news about the large volume of request for private GPS tracking location and other cellular data has left people asking important questions such as:

Are innocent Americans having their private GPS tracking location and other data handed over to law enforcement by cellular companies?