GPS Tracking Systems/Theft Recovery

Charlie Sheen’s Vehicle Found

Famous Actor’s Mercedes Found At Bottom Of Cliff

GPS Tracking System Was Not Installed

When famous Hollywood Celebrity Charlie Sheen placed a phone call into the Los Angeles Police Department, reporting his vehicle was stolen, he could have never imagined that his beloved Mercedes SUV would be found at the bottom of a cliff.

Police discovered Sheen’s vehicle crashed upside in a ravine near his Sherman Oaks home off a winding Mulholland Drive road.

The vehicle was discovered by local law enforcement around 4:00 a.m. PST, about the same time Sheen called police to report the vehicle missing.

The LAPD stated that they are treating this case like any other auto-theft case, and used helicopter and ground patrol in the morning hours when the vehicle was reported stolen to search for any potential suspects.

Sheen was not injured or involved in the accident and there has been no evidence linking anyone to the accident.

Theft-Recovery GPS Trackers

GPS tracking systems have been used more frequently by the public to help protect against auto-theft, for the GPS systems can report where a vehicle is located in real-time at any time. The LAPD also stated that a vehicle equipped with a tracking system is more likely to be recovered safely and in a shorter period of time than a vehicle not equipped with GPS tracking capabilities.

Source: People