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Chicago Man Busted For Drug Trafficking

Chicago Police

GPS Tracker Busts Mid-West Drug Trafficker

Man Used Bar As Center To Distribute CocaineAfter months of investigative work, law enforcement agents were able to arrest five people in connection with a cocaine trafficking ring that was all centered around a Wisconsin bar in Sheboygan.

Robert Serrano, a person who was believed to be one of the ring leaders of the operation, used the small town bar to bring in drugs from the Chicago area and distribute them. Using surveillance techniques that utilized GPS tracking system technology, the authorities were able to successfully build a case against Serrano and his associates.

Law enforcement depend on GPS monitoring and recording systems such as the GPS Tracking Key and Flashback GPS  to document everywhere a suspect has traveled 24/7. The vehicle tracking devices provide an affordable and convenient way for authorities to conduct extensive and thorough investigative work. However, the most important feature of GPS data loggers is how they are car trackers with no monthly fees, making it easier for police departments to get funding for the surveillance tools.

Police were notified about the drug operation being operated in the local watering hole when an informant speaking in anonymity told the authorities about the frequent trips the crew were making from Kenosha to Chicago. Within a month police began using GPS trackers to document the criminal’s travels, building evidence and a case against the crew.

Serrano is facing over 25 years in jail for his role in the drug trafficking operation.

Law enforcement routinely use police GPS trackers to conduct surveillance operations.

Source: Sheboygan Press