Law Enforcement

City Receives Donated Tracking System


Holliston Police Receive Real Time GPS Tracker

Many police departments have had to absorb massive cutbacks due to the current economic situation plaguing the nation, and no department understands this more than the Holliston Police Department in Massachusetts. Unable to receive funding from the city or state for high-tech tools, the Holliston Police Department had no way of being able to afford some of the most widely used surveillance gadgets by other police forces. However, that all changed when a GPS tracking system company decided to be charitable and donate a real-time tracking device to the Holliston Police, allowing the small Massachusetts law enforcement agents to become more effective at their jobs.

GPS tracking devices are assets to police departments because the systems allow law enforcement agents to monitor potential criminals without placing a uniformed officer in danger, or paying an officer costly overtime pay. In fact, there are GPS trackers for police that were engineered specifically for law enforcement applications now!

Although it is very common for GPS tracking companies to provide police departments with evaluation real-time GPS tracker units for extended periods of time, rarely does a company simply give the equipment away as a gesture of charity.

When asked about the real-time donation, Police Chief Keith Edison explained that in today’s economic environment it would have been impossible for the Holliston police to afford such a sophisticated piece of vehicle tracking technology and that he along with the entire force were grateful for the live GPS tracking companies’ generosity.

Within days of receiving the tracking system, Holliston police were able to successfully build evidence and arrest a man who would frequent a local cemetery late at night and steal flowers off the graves of the deceased.

Source: Milford Daily