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Can a Repo Man GPS your Car?

Do repo companies use tracking devices?

It was not too long ago that when people failed to make payments on their car loans they would have to try and avoid the repo man if they wanted to continue driving their new car. People who defaulted on car loans would hide their car at a friend’s house, down the street near a neighbor’s house or in a shopping center parking lot all in an attempt to keep possession of the vehicle. Repo men had to act as private investigators, spending time searching for clues where the vehicle in question could be.

Those were the days of the past. Now, repo men only need Internet access and a map to locate vehicles in line for repossession thanks to the advancement in portable GPS tracking systems.

What many car lots and resellers are now doing is taking real-time GPS tracking systems and hard-wiring them to the 12-volt system of each vehicle in the lot. Since many car dealers provide their own notes, meaning they are the ones who provide financing to the customer and still technically own the vehicle until the balance of the loan is paid in full, GPS trackers can offer an easy method of recollection if the car buyer fails to make payments.

GPS tracking systems are advantageous to car dealers because the monitoring devices can pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle in real-time at any time. Car dealers can access the live GPS tracking data being transmitted from the vehicle they are searching for by going online and entering a username and password unique to that vehicle or a group of vehicles, making it easy for any repo man to quickly locate any automobile in default.

Most importantly, GPS tracking devices such as the SilverCloud GPS tracking system provide additional safety to repo men working the night to find vehicles in default. By knowing the exact spot a vehicle is parked, repo men can quickly get the job done and avoid any unpleasant confrontations.