Connecticut Domestic Violence Law

GPS Tracking Domestic Violence

New Legislation Changes The Way CT Handles Domestic Violence

Domestic_violenceOne of the main job descriptions and duties of government lawmakers is to provide and ensure the safety of the public, and with a few strokes of her pen, Governor Rell of Connecticut did just that. The new legislation will use a variety of tactics that include the use of support groups, think tanks and GPS tracking system technology to reduce the growing problem of domestic violence. Rell along with fellow Connecticut politicians worked for an extended period of time together to hammer out the groundbreaking legislation which will take a whole new approach to the very serious issue of domestic violence.

Lawmakers working in the great state of Connecticut began feeling pressure to do more on the issue of domestic violence after two separate incidents earlier in the year gathered national attention and made news headlines throughout the state.. In both situations, men who had a past record of domestic violence murdered their significant other. This sparked outrage among the people living in Connecticut who began demanding that lawmakers do more to help victims of domestic violence. Although the events preceding the legislation were tragic in every sense of the word, thankfully, they were the catalyst of the new law that will reduce domestic violence.

How the new legislation attacks the problem of domestic violence is with an eclectic approach. Through funding form Federal stimulus money, the new legislation begins with the education process, informing high school students of the warning signs associated with domestic violence and the potential ramifications. The new legislation will also utilize real time GPS tracking devices to monitor the comings and goings of habitual offenders or offenders viewed as “high-risk” or threats to victims. This group of people would include those who have intentionally violated restraining orders, or who have a history of unstable/violent behavior.

GPS tracking equipment used for the application of monitoring domestic violence offenders or victims transmits live data the same way the Victoria tracking system operates.

Hopefully, the new legislation will put habitual domestic violence offenders behind bars, and reduce the likelihood of youngsters engaging in the very destructive behavior.

Source: Courant