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Cops Seek Missing Murder Weapon


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GPS Tracking Chip Leads Police To Murder Suspects

GunLooking to piece together the missing events and evidence involved in a murder case, Ottawa police have been combing through wooded areas near Kemptville in search for a hand gun that was believed to be the weapon that took the life of young 19-year-old Mike Swan.

Swan, who shared a house with two other roommates, was shot and killed in his own home on February 22nd.

Police arrested three suspects in connection with the murder of Swan when they accessed the GPS tracking chip in the victim’s phone that had been stolen by the murderers. Ottawa police were able to arrest the suspects within hours of the murder because the tracking system chip provided the authorities their position in real-time.

After receiving an anonymous tip where a person stated seeing one of the suspects throw a gun out of the car window, police have been conducting extensive searches along the southbound side of Highway 416.

Police are asking anyone who may have information on the case to contact them immediately.

Source: Ottawa Citizen