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Cops Use GPS Tracker To Bust Drug Lord


Tracking Device Used On Colombian Drug Dealers

Boston Cops Bust Cocaine Cartel

Boston Police did everything possible to gather information on a suspected drug lord in the area who was believed to be bringing in significant amounts of cocaine from Colombia. The law enforcement agents working the case used a variety of high and low-tech surveillance strategies such as wire-tapping, GPS tracking, camera surveillance and even good old fashioned dumpster diving.

The drug dealer, a 24-year-old high school drop out named Ferney Pereanez, had an auto body shop that he used as a cover to distribute drugs. Boston Police stated that Pereanez was pulling in more than $100,000 a week selling cocaine to people throughout the northeast region.

By using live GPS trackers and reviewing cellular phone records, Boston Police were able pinpoint that Pereanez was indeed the mastermind of the operation, bringing in large amounts of cocaine from Colombia and having members of his gang push the drug on local streets throughout Massachusetts.

Although it was not confirmed by the Boston Police, it is likely the GPS Tracking Key or Flashback GPS was the tracking system used to gather the driving information from Pereanez’s vehicle.

The investigation went on for over two years and resulted in the arrest of nearly 10 people, including Pereanez. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) contributed more than $250,000 and other resources into the effort.

Source: Boston Herald