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Business GPS Tracking Articles

Employee Surveillance In The Workplace

Employee Surveillance On The Job: Why Monitoring Workers Is A Good Thing As an employer, you want to make sure your employees are working productively and not engaging in any behavior that may harm your company. One way to achieve this is by implementing workplace surveillance, which monitors employee activities, behaviors, and communications. While surveillance […]

How Car Dealers Hide Scratches

 5 Ways Used Car Dealers Hide Scratches  Best Quick Scratch Eraser Kit  Purchasing used cars is undoubtedly a great economic and affordable alternative in comparison to the overpriced new cars. A used car provides a cheap alternative for customers to fulfill their daily necessities. Not only do the customers save on the initial price of […]

Employee Internet Monitoring

Employee Internet Usage Monitoring – Striking The Workplace Privacy -Productivity Balance Internet is undoubtedly an essential tool for organizations to access technology and the importance of internet usage has become even more profound for remote workers. However, with so many distractions on the internet, employees can misuse company time surfing irrelevant or inappropriate websites. A […]

Do You Have To Tell Employees About Trackers?

Do You Have To Tell Employees About Trackers -Why Employers Should Notify Staff GPS tracking devices can help your business reduce fuel consumption, vehicle idling, and poor route selection. That’s the good news! Unfortunately, workplace monitoring leaves some employees feeling uneasy even when a GPS device is used for legitimate business reasons. The truth is, […]

Is My Boss Tracking My Vehicle

Are Employers Allowed to Track Employees? In a digital age where privacy seems like a thing of the past, some employees are beginning to feel as though their employers are fringing on their personal freedoms. Obviously, all employees need to make some concessions when working for a business, but for workers who operate company vehicles […]

GPS Tracker For Medical Equipment

GPS Tracking Medical Equipment Medical Asset Protection With GPS When most people think of GPS tracking devices they think of a business fleet tracking solution used for theft recovery or asset management. Although businesses certainly rely on real-time GPS systems for vehicle management, more and more hospitals are calling on the same technology for safeguarding medical […]

Workers Sue Over GPS Tracking & Monitoring

GPS Tracking Systems Bust Fire Inspectors Court Upholds Firing Based On Tracking System Data A handful of Bridgeport, Connecticut fire inspectors were in for a shock when they received their walking papers after an extended investigation showed the men were spending more time hanging out with friends, running personal errands, relaxing at donut shops and […]

Hotels Use GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracker For Hotels Hotel companies continue to be plagued by theft from guests. The thievery has officially become a multi-million dollar issue that is beginning to really hurt hotel companies’ bottom-line revenue, especially in a struggling global economy. Hotels are able to sustain small-scale theft such as shampoo bottles, shower towels, or coffee pots, […]

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