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Could GPS Tracking Improve Traffic?


GPS Trackers May Hold Key To Reducing Traffic

West Coast City Holds Worst Commute For Motorists

How many times have you ever placed a phone call to a friend, family member, or employer telling them that traffic was terrible and that you were going to be late because of it? Well if you live in the city of angels, Los Angeles, then it is a guarantee that you have placed that phone call more than one time, for the Hollywood Freeway was voted to be the worst commute for motorists in America.

Southern California residents are no stranger to the burden of traffic regardless if they live in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or another metropolitan area. With hundreds of millions of motorists sharing the roadways every single day, and city transportation options being less than an effective solution, is there an answer to the problem of traffic?

Let’s pretend for a moment that the GPS tracking bill many states have discussed as a method to tax motorists for mileage driven was a reality, and every single registered vehicle was outfitted with a vehicle tracking system. If motorists were being taxed via GPS tracking technology could that open up a way for the government or states to monitor not only mileage but driving habits in an effort to improve traffic congestion?

GPS tracking systems could provide an alternative solution to the problem of traffic by monitoring speeds and routes, valuable data and information researchers could use to evaluate the congestion of roads and streets at different time periods.

Unfortunately, for now, California residents will have to hope legislators will open up more roadways, create alternative transportation and create tax breaks for individuals who do not use the freeways. Maybe vehicle tracking system technology will provide a solution to the traffic problem in the future, but for now, motorists stuck in traffic should turn on some music, have patience and maybe try to find an alternative route.