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GPS Tracking System Online Coupons

Saving Money Is As Easy As Picking Up The Phone

cashNobody is happy with the current economic climate, high unemployment numbers and stagnate business growth, but sometimes in bad times there is opportunity. The field of GPS monitoring technology has been one of the very few recession-proof avenues of business because with the increase in gas prices and reduction in business activity, companies cannot afford to have drivers excessively wasting gas or engaging in other behaviors that can hurt the bottom line of a business. However, that does not mean that you as the customer do not have some wiggle room when it comes to negotiating prices on GPS vehicle tracking systems. Here are a few ways consumers can get the best deal possible when purchasing a GPS tracker!

1. GPS Online Coupons Via Social Networking

Companies such as Tracking System Direct (TSD) offer online coupons for customers, but rarely advertise such promotions unless the customer goes to their Facebook company page or twitter profile. GPS businesses such as TSD will routinely post promotional ads on social networking media in an effort to better connect with customers, therefore, all a prospective buyer has to do is call a customer service representative and ask them if they are running any promotions via social network avenues. TSD will honor all promotions past and current for those who contact a GPS fleet tracking system expert and mention social media!

2. Bulk Ordering Of GPS Systems

People interested in purchasing multiple GPS tracking systems are truly in the best position to negotiate better pricing because they are purchasing in larger quantities than the average consumer. Those consumers interested in ordering in volume are at a advantage because they can are interested in making a more substantial investment in GPS tracking equipment than the ordinary consumer who goes online and purchases one tracking device. Tracking System Direct (TSD) routinely offers bulk discount pricing for those wanting to purchase more than one system, and will even offer small price breaks for consumers, businesses or government agencies purchasing one additional device (two). “If you want to guarantee a price break from a GPS company all you have to do is purchase multiple systems”, explained a GPS expert for TSD.

3. Contact A GPS Personal Tracking Expert

The old saying is that if you don’t ask you will not receive, and no statement rings more true than when it comes to the GPS technology and surveillance industry. Believe it or not, GPS vehicle tracking companies want your business! In fact, most of the salespeople or GPS representatives actually work on commission, therefore they are willing to do whatever is in their power to get you, the customer, to order today. Sometimes they can only offer very small price discounts or maybe an expedited shipping delivery method, but often times they have some wiggle room in order to close a sale. “Are there any online coupons or promotions available right now for the GPS Tracking Key?”. ” If I order today can I have the shipping bumped up from Fedex Ground to 2nd Day?”. These are the type of questions that consumers must act before making a purchase.

The prospective customer must also give a sense of urgency, stating that if some sort of deal is able to be extended that the order will be placed immediately. Tracking System Direct will often times accommodate people with small discounts in order to seal and deal so people need to take advantage of the opportunity. Although some GPS systems may not be able to be discounted on single unit orders, it is very common for more expensive products such as the SilverCloud GPS to be discounted as much as $30.00 on a single unit order if a GPS business tracking expert at the company is contacted beforehand.

When it comes to getting a good deal the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease, or discount for this matter. Before purchasing a GPS device, consumers should email and call the company they wish to do business with to ensure the company responds quickly and professionally (You can tell a lot by a business by how quickly a business responds to email inquiries), and ask about any possible discounts that may be available. The great thing is that as the customer you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

*All discounts that GPS companies will give can not be applied retroactively, therefore it is essential to ask about online price breaks or coupons BEFORE an order is placed!