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When it comes to thorough and complete investigative work nobody does it better than police and law enforcement organizations. With an assortment of crime-fighting tools at their disposal, local, county and state police agencies have the necessary equipment and knowledge to battle thieves, arsonists and murderers roaming local communities. Although many civilians still believe that detectives working important cases sit in undercover squad cars during “stake-outs” where visual observation and note taking is performed as the primary method of surveillance, new modern mechanisms and gadgets have made that form of law enforcement tracking a thing of the past. The newest technological agent helping police gather important investigative data while removing the good guys from the front lines has been the GPS tracker, and no GPS monitoring solution has been more called upon by police agencies across the United States a GPS tracker with no monthly fees called Flashback GPS.

What makes this particular vehicle monitoring device special is that it has the rare capacity to archive driving data second-by-second while offering long lasting, high-performance recording capabilities. With the strength to capture over 100 hours of wheels-in-action driving activity on only two (2) high-grade AA batteries, and sensitive motion detection sensors that place the GPS tracker into a sleep mode after 150 seconds of stationary activity, it is easy to recognize why this GPS data logger model was designed specifically for extended surveillance operations.”The police and government agencies who contact us about the Pro are in need of a cost-effective car tracker that does not depend on cellular transmission of data”, explained a sales representative for Tracking System Direct (TSD). “They need a reliable and rugged device that can hold up against the elements, stay in the field for extended lengths of time and record data in areas such as deep in the mountains where no cellular coverage is present, and that is what the Pro can do and more.”

With a number of high-profile agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and ATF all utilizing security products such as the Pro to conduct investigative work it is easy to see how so many police and government agencies are still able to do an exceptional job in an era where budget cuts are prevalent.

For more information on the Flashback GPS, or any of the other GPS tracking systems offered by TSD, please contact feel free to contact one of the Tracking System Direct GPS experts. Sales representatives are available to handle both consumer and police inquiries.