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Crime Fighting In 2010


Vehicle Tracking And Surveillance Technology

Law Enforcement To Increase Use Of Advanced Crime Fighting Tools In 2010

policeNobody uses and needs the most advanced and high-tech surveillance tools more than law enforcement agencies. Having the upper hand on criminals allows law enforcement to more effectively conduct their fight on crime, providing additional safety and security to the public. Today, law enforcement take advantage of tools such as DNA identification, video surveillance and GPS tracking systems to assist in investigations, and the next generation of crime fighting tools will surely  improve on those devices and increase their applications.

Criminals should take warning that law enforcement use of surveillance and GPS tracking technology will only increase in 2010 and beyond, making law breaking much more difficult for bad guys. Budget cuts may leave schools and some other government agencies scrambling to conduct business as usual, but law enforcement can rely on technology to pick up the slack. Surveillance cameras and GPS tracking devices can record criminal activity every single second of every single day, making them even more beneficial in tough economic times.

Over the past decade, surveillance cameras and vehicle tracking systems have become more compact, affordable, and widely used, making them vital investigative tools for law enforcement agencies such as the ATF, FBI, Secret Service and more.

The next generation of surveillance gear will probably see cameras with waterproof casings that can endure tough elemental conditions, and that can be viewed over the Internet. The surveillance cameras will be portable and small enough to be attached to a vehicle, recording the actions and conversations of a driver.

As for GPS tracking system technology, the next generation of GPS trackers will have built in magnetic mounts, waterproof cases, real-time tracking capabilities and the ability to stay in the field for long periods of time. A tracking system will be powered via internal battery source, direct hard-wire power option or via solar energy.

The crime fighting tools of 2010 and beyond will give law enforcement the ability to effectively catch bad guys with less effort and resources. With high-tech surveillance cameras and GPS tracking systems continuing to evolve, the sky is the limit for the next generation of crime fighting tools.