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With the American prison system struggling with over-crowding many states have turned to GPS tracking system technology as an alternative to cold hard jail time. Criminals who would have been sentenced to months in jail for misdemeanor crimes are instead being placed under home incarceration and required to wear GPS tracking and monitoring bracelets. By requiring criminals to wear GPS tracking bracelets the state has found a cost-effective way to punish criminals while slowing the growing prison population. Although the state-mandated use of GPS systems among criminals has been an effective solution to the overcrowding of prisons many people are asking if GPS tracking programs are a responsible solution to the problem.

GPS Criminal Tracking

How the GPS tracking program works is that offenders who are found guilty are required to wear bracelets (actually worn around the offender’s ankle) that transmit the criminal’s location to parole or probation officials. The light-weight GPS tracking bracelet sends recorded GPS tracking information to a box known as PTU (Personal Transmitter Unit). The signal will be interrupted if a criminal under house incarceration ever attempts to leave their home area, sending an alert to officers monitoring the GPS tracking devices. GPS tracking technology essentially creates a virtual boundary around a criminal’s home, preventing them to step outside the confines of their house without authorities being notified.

Research has shown that criminals on house arrest have a high rate of adhering to the terms of their release from jail and that they are slightly less likely to repeat offenses. When people go to jail many times they come out angrier and more likely to engage in criminal behavior. Prisons are not a nice place and real time GPS tracking bracelets provide the solution to keeping non-violent offenders away from hardened criminals like rapists and murderers.

State Sees Controversy With Police GPS Trackers

The increased use of GPS tracking bracelets by states does not come without some controversy. With some sporadic incidents on the file of criminals on house arrest committing crimes while being monitored by GPS tracking devices some people believe that jail is the only real solution for lawbreakers. Although no measure will be 100% effective, do you think that states should continue using GPS tracking as an alternative to jail, or do you believe criminals need jail to become reformed?

Is there a better solution to the overcrowding of jails than GPS tracking?