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Dangers Of Texting While Driving

Teen Driving Troubles

Has Teen Texting Gotten Out Of Control?

Oprah has created a “no phone zone” campaign, Dr. Phil has done numerous shows on the dangers of texting and the state of California has passed legislation outlawing the use of cellular phones while driving, but every time we get in our cars and go for a drive we see people talking and texting while operating a motor vehicle. Although it is common to see the typical suburban house wife chatting it up on her cell phone while driving about the spray tan she just got, the main culprits who are texting and talking on the phone while driving are teens.

Any parent of a teenager knows how ridiculous teens have become with their texting. Most teens spend hours staring at their cell phones, texting while eating dinner, watching movies and probably sticking one hand out of the shower to send and receive text messages. Although texting in it’s own right can be very annoying, texting while driving can be extremely dangerous and have a life-altering impact on the texter and others.

GPS Tracking Solution

One way some crafty parents are closely monitoring teen driving is through a process known as GPS vehicle tracking. Parents place a small device such as the GPS Tracking Key onto their teen’s vehicle, and then when the teen returns they can review how fast the teen was speeding or if they were doing anything else that could be dangerous. Parents can then compare text records to driving activity and discover how often teens are texting while driving.

Your Parenting Strategy To Dealing With Texting

If you have a teenager and they a) have a car, and b) have a cell phones, then it is very likely that they are texting or have sent a ext message while driving. If you have not discussed texting and driving with your teen than you are not only putting your teen’s life in danger, but every other person and family who shares the roadways. However, our GPS fleet tracking experts do not want to harp on the negative, but instead would like to know what parental strategies your family has taken to addressing the issue of teen driving and teen texting?

Do you allow your teen to text while driving?

How do you know they have or have not been texting?

Have you ever considered using a teen GPS tracking device to monitor teenage driving activity?