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Real Time Dash Cam

Real time dash cameras provide the latest in both video surveillance and GPS tracking technologies. When equipped to the windshield of a vehicle, a dash camera can record visual and audio data both inside the cab of the automobile as well as the outside. However, what makes these fleet tracking surveillance solutions unique from other devices on the market is that real time dash camera systems also record locational data using GPS tracking. Therefore, a driver, parent, or business owner can determine where a person, teen driver, or employee is located, how fast they are driving, mileage driven, and more all by accessing the live GPS tracking data from the dash cam system. This type of locational and video technology can be extremely valuable if person needs to have evidence corroborating a story in a motor vehicle accident, business wants to reduce potential liabilities, or if a parent simply wants to enhance teen driving safety.

Car Dash Cam With Live Streaming

Modern businesses are always in search of the latest technological gizmos and gadgets to help them take efficiency and profitability to the next level. This is the reason behind so many companies calling upon GPS tracking system units to help the businesses calculate mileage driven, enhance automotive security and of course assist in management of vehicle fleets. GPS tracking technology has been critical in helping businesses all over the world increase management and employee productivity but the technology also came up a little short in meeting the needs of companies seeking a more visual solution. This is where car dash cameras with live streaming video data have filled in the gap and have been able to provide companies a solution to reduce potential liabilities.



Real time video combined with live GPS tracking information is by far one of the best, if not the best, way for a business to determine what an employee is doing when  driving and operating company vehicle assets. With GPS tracking locational data providing information such as speeds driven, locational information and diagnostic data, it is easy for a fleet manager to understand how the company vehicle is being operated if for example a car accident occurred. This live vehicle tracking can not only help the company determine if the employee was at fault but it can also assist police enforcement investigating any potential motor vehicle collision understand what party was likely driving at unsafe speeds. Unfortunately, GPS vehicle tracking data can only tell some of the story not all of the story. This is really the advantage of dash cams with live GPS tracking features.

Surveillance video has a long track record of success in the business world. This is why almost every bank, department store, restaurant and even parking lot is equipped with some form of hidden camera system. The technology is great because it offers a unbiased view on events that occurred. Therefore, it makes perfect, logical sense that this same type of visual technology would eventually be implemented in a format for automotive security. That is what the brains behind the real time dash cameras sought out to do when they created the technology that uses both GPS tracking and live video data to create one of the most sophisticated automotive security solutions on the market.

Dashboard Camera With GPS Tracking

DriveProof Car Cameras

For businesses who want a dash cam with GPS tracking but do not want to pay the fees associated with real time GPS tracking and live video comes a solution called DriveProof car camera. Essentially what DriveProof car camera GPS provide is a system that will not only offers high resolution video data but also second-by-second historical GPS tracking data. This is perfect for businesses concerned about reducing potential liabilities with drivers. An example of this would be if a company employee/driver was involved in a motor vehicle accident, something that occurs on a daily basis and can open the door to potential lawsuits against a business. The car camera device with GPS tracking system will meticulously document driving activity, showing what speed an employee was going, road conditions and if that driver possibly ran a red light, stop sign or other traffic notice. This data can be shared with investigating officials who can then quickly determine who was at fault in any potential automotive accident or situation.

Currently, many countries such as Russia make those involved in any motor vehicle accident prove what actually happened, as word of mouth no longer holds much strength. That has resulted in he majority of motorists investing in car cameras in case of an accident.

Businesses understand that staying on top of employee activity is a priority and will only result in  more efficient productivity along with heightened customer service. Technology is key in assisting businesses in this role and that is why it is only a matter of time before all motor vehicles for business usage are equipped with GPS vehicle tracking systems that offer video capture information

Where Can I Buy A Car Camera

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