Data Plans For GPS Bracelets

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Selecting A Data GPS Tracking Plan

GPS_Bracelet3The primary difference between GPS data loggers and real-time GPS monitoring devices is that real-time solutions can give consumers instant access to the location of a person, vehicle or asset. Live tracking systems are wonderful technological tools that can boost the fleet oversight, automobile protection and personal safety. However, not all real-time systems are created equal. For example, the top selling real-time device for vehicle monitoring is a device called SilverCloud GPS, whereas the top selling real-time device for personal monitoring is a GPS bracelet. Both of these devices transmit positional data as it happens, but the two units have different features and most importantly different data plans. For those interested in personal tracking bracelets, there are two unique data options to choose from.

GPS Data Plan For $29.95 Per Month

The most cost-effective data plan for GPS bracelets starts at $29.95 per month for real-time monitoring service. With this service plan users can have unlimited access to their personal data via cellular phone with Internet connection or any personal computer. The users will have total access to tracking features such as geographical fencing, speed alerts, panic emergency transmit and more. This is the ideal plan for parents who want to track their children and employers wanting to monitor employees that are mobile.

GPS Data Plan For $34.95 Per Month

The other data plan option for those who have invested in GPS tracking bracelets is one that costs $34.95 for the monthly obligation. This particular data plan offers all of the same features as those found on the more affordable plan, but with the addition of two-way voice communication. Perfect for families worried about an elderly loved one that has wandering tendencies, the two-way voice communication option can help provide another level of personal safety and security. With this feature, users can literally call the GPS wristwatch, turning the tracker into a speakerphone after three rings.  Regardless if the person wearing the bracelet answers the call, after three unanswered rings the bracelet will automatically activate the speaker phone option. This feature can be a lifesaver for a senior suffering from dementia or some other cognitive mental illness as it will allow family, caregivers or emergency services the ability to make direct contact with the person in need.

With all personal GPS bracelet monitoring plans, there are no activation fess of any kind! What is even better is that there are also no termination fees or contracts! All service plans are based on a pay as you go monthly basis. Those interested in personal tracking bracelets can contact the device manufacturer or reseller for additional information on service plan options.