Debate On Arizona Law


Arizona Creates Debate On Immigration

Tracking System Company Wants Your Thoughts

USAAll politicians like to discuss their views on the problem with illegal immigration that has plagued the southern borders of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California, but rarely do you see them act on this highly controversial issue. That is until lawmakers in Arizona decided to say enough is enough, passing the toughest legislation on illegal immigration by any state in the union.

With the drug cartels now essentially controlling the majority of Mexico, violence near the U.S./Mexico border has increased significantly. This drug-related violence has been spilling into the states, causing many states to evaluate their position on the hot stove topic of illegal immigration. Many citizens want amnesty for the illegal aliens living in the United States unlawfully, while others are adamantly against helping these people who knowingly bypassed the proper channels to achieve legal immigration. Regardless of what your opinion may be there is no denying that illegal aliens cost tax payers money.

With protests happening all across the U.S. on the illegal immigration legislation, GPS tracking system company Tracking System Direct would like to know get your thoughts on the issue.

Should we grant illegal aliens amnesty, or spend more resources gathering and deporting those who are here unlawfully?

Should companies be fined or face stiff penalties for hiring illegal workers?