Delays With GPS Bracelets

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Tracking Bracelets Expected At End Of December

GPS_Bracelet3Since the later portion of October Tracking System Direct has been without inventory of the popular real-time monitoring bracelets designed for senior tracking and child tracking. The high demand for the personal safety product has left the GPS company with no available units to ship. Although it was initially expected the GPS bracelets would be available in November, the date continued to be pushed back due to technical changes in the LocationNow platform as well as the waterproofing of the GPS monitoring system. After a number of setbacks and launch date postponements it now appears that the GPS bracelets will be ready for shipment to customers on the last week of December.

“We have experienced a number of delays on the launch date of the new version of senior GPS bracelet that were created by circumstances totally out of our control and for these postponements we apologize to our customers”, Tracking System Direct CEO Ryan Horban explained. “We are well aware of the high demand for our personal GPS tracking bracelets, but we cannot launch the newest version of the device until it is 100% capable of meeting our very stringent standards of operation. We hope our customers understand that this is done only to provide them with the most functional and reliable tracking systems the industry has to offer.”

Latest News On GPS Bracelets

According to our sources at the waterproof facility based in Utah, the first batch of GPS bracelets should be ready for shipping the last week of December. That means all pre-orders given to Tracking System Direct will be on hold until then. Tracking System Direct will continue to take pre orders on a first come first serve basis, and as always customers can cancel those pre orders at any given time. Pre ordering is simply the taking of an order. No credit card funds are transferred until inventory has arrived, the unit has been programmed and is ready for shipping.

Those who have pre orders for live GPS tracking bracelets, want to place a pre order or simply want more information related to the first batch of bracelet inventory can contact Tracking System Direct for more details. Representatives are also standing by to answer questions regarding any of the GPS tracking systems in stock.