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Dept. Of Energy GPS Tracking

Fleet Management Concern For Obama

GPS Trackers For Dept. Of Energy

As tensions in the Middle East escalate over personal freedoms and democracy, oil prices have been skyrocketing. Foreign dependency on oil, compounded by the public demand for more affordable, clean and renewable energies, has resulted in the nation having to make changes. The changes outlined by bureaucrats in Washington include an assortment of green energy tax credits, an increase in domestic oil drilling, a reduction in oil consumption and improved fleet management efforts by businesses. Now that President Obama has voiced his personal concerns over the issues of energy, the Department of Energy is now taking steps to promote fuel efficiency and fuel economy, and the tools that could help vehicle management efforts are GPS tracking systems.

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The philosophy and mission of the Department of Energy have always been to assist in technological innovation and the advancement of energy-related technologies, and that is why the agency can easily see the benefits of GPS tracking devices. GPS tracking devices have been helping companies for over a decade cut fuel costs through a combination of reducing unnecessary trips and excessive vehicle idling. Not only do vehicle tracking systems offer a cost-effective way to improve business fuel economy, but the technology can also help companies more effectively manage and monitor vehicular assets and the employees operating them.

In a recent post on the Department of Energy Blog, President Obama made his intentions clear that fleet management should be a serious concern for all businesses. Obama discussed the need for more companies to research and invest in green technology, and for those who continue to use gasoline to make initiatives and create strategies to reduce fuel consumption. Those strategies can include the use of real-time tracking systems such as the SilverCloud that allow fleet managers to meticulously observe all driving activity, or car trackers with no monthly fees such as the GPS Tracking Key that make it easy to calculate mileage driven and routes traveled.

When a Tracking System Direct (TSD) representative was asked about why businesses should look at how GPS tracker technology can assist, the GPS expert explained, “Having a tool to breakdown driving activity and monitor assets allows businesses to more effectively enhance operations and reduce unnecessary expenses, but the technology also is beneficial in the sense that it can improve security by boosting auto-theft recovery and prevention efforts.”

For more information on business tracking or consumer tracking, please feel free to visit the TSD corporate site or Facebook page. GPS surveillance experts are available seven (7) days a week to answer all car tracking related questions.

Dept. Of Energy GPS Trackers

GPS Could Play Role In Fuel Consumption Reduction

With the United States being the number one consumer of oil while only producing approximately 10% of the world’s output, something is going to have to give. Since America has not made significant strides in the development and cost-effective production of alternative fuel resources, businesses and families are forced to subject themselves to the roller coaster ride of price fluctuation of gas prices. The sad part is that gasoline prices continue to scale upward, breaking new highs and never retracting back to previously supported bottoms. In a brief discussion about fuel consumption reduction and other energy-related issues, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu of the Department of Energy (DOE) explained the importance of drastically reducing the nation’s dependency on foreign oil, increasing domestic drilling and moving forward with more alternative fueling technologies (wind, solar etc). As a close advisor to President Obama, Chu has emphasized the fundamental reasons why we need to be more independent in our energy production and has discussed the benefits and importance of fleet management technologies (fleet vehicle management technologies include devices such as GPS tracking systems to help oversee business fuel consumption).

Although the DOE was created with the intention of helping innovation in energy, public opinion toward energy has taken center stage recently as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and crisis facing the nuclear power plant in Japan are fresh in the minds of people from all across the globe. With that being said, should the DOE and government powers make a substantial change in policy to create more green and renewable energies and also require large fleet operations show that they are actively attempting to reduce fuel consumption by implementing strategies that utilize GPS tracking devices, or investment in vehicles with better fuel economy?

Do you believe that the government will take steps to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil within the next 15 years?

With only a limited amount of natural resources, should the government be doing more to promote fuel-efficient vehicles and green fuels?

Do you believe that President Obama has done an acceptable job promoting alternative fuel?

How much power and influence do you think big oil has on limiting our availability to cost-effective vehicles that operate on electricity or some form of hybrid technology?

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