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Teen Texting Leads To Tragedy

Jacy’s Story: How One Distracted Driver Took A Family

People always state that every moment spent with family and friends should be cherished because life is unpredictable and oftentimes cruel. Sadly, nobody could say these words and express them with more meaning than a young woman by the name of Jacy Good who after her college graduation became involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident that instantly took the life of both her parents.

Good’s graduation day was supposed to be one filled with joy and pride, but the day quickly turned tragic by the actions of one teenage driver who was sending a text message while he was driving his car. Busy fiddling with a mobile phone rather than paying attention to the road, a young teenage driver ran a red light, sparking off a series of events that would lead to catastrophe. As the teen rapidly try to correct the error he realized he made, a large truck behind him was forced to respond to the wild situation on the road, avoiding the teen’s car but crashing directly into the Good family vehicle. Both of Good’s parents were killed instantly, and Jacy was seriously wounded, spending months in the hospital and rehabilitation facilities where she still frequents as she attempts to recover from the physical and emotional damage all caused by one driver’s poor decision.

With more people owning mobile communication devices now than at any other time in history, we are seeing an increase in distracted driving. Even though many states have drafted and passed legislation that prohibits the use of cellular devices while a person is operating a motor vehicle, every day in any state it is easy to spot a driver sending text messages or talking on their phone. The problem has reached epidemic proportions, as many drivers have now shaped behaviors and flawed thinking that suggests they can talk on a cell phone without anything bad ever happening to them. The problem is only compounded when inexperience is added to the equation, as with teenage drivers who are green behind the wheel.

Teen Drivers Are High-Risk Drivers

The Good story showcases how distracted driving is deadly driving, but the motorists most associated with being high-risk drivers are teens. Anybody who has researched teenage driving statistics and information has come across the facts that show teens are much more likely to be involved in a traffic collision than any other category of a driver because of a number of factors that include lack of experience behind the wheel, and an increased tendency to engage in risk-taking behaviors. Add a cellular phone or some other mobile communication system into the mix and the result is a certain recipe for disaster. Although it is a challenging task for parents to identify whether or not their teen is texting while driving or involved in other dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding, through the use of teen GPS tracking systems and cell phone records many parents are keying in on what exactly their teens are doing behind the wheel.

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Teenagers make mistakes, and that is fine because it is part of the learning process, but some mistakes carry larger consequences than others. When a teen gets their driver’s license parents are bestowed with a whole new bag of worries that includes drinking and driving, excessive speeding and texting while driving. However, many parents are turning toward technological surveillance tools such as car tracking systems to monitor how fast their teen is driving, and combing driving records with cell phone records to identify if cell phones are in operation while the teen is driving. “With the increase in television exposure and Internet articles about the dangers associated with teenage driving, parents are now being bombarded by our fact-driven culture that shows with concrete detail that the driving habits of teens should be closely monitored”, explained a fleet management specialist for a California vehicle tracking system distributor. “Every single day we hear from parents with deep concerns about what their teen is doing while driving, and thankfully we are able to offer them a solution such as the GPS Tracking Key or SilverCloud tracker that can bring a sense of security and peace of mind.”

Tracking System Direct hopes that all drivers, regardless of their age, be responsible and pay attention to the road while on the road. Texting and talking on the phone while operating a motor vehicle is not only going to place a driver in harm’s way but every other motorist and pedestrian sharing or walking along the roadways as well. Society does not need more nightmare stories such as the one that happened to the Good family.