Do GPS Trackers Work Outside Of The Vehicle?

where to hide a gps tracker on a car

GPS Systems That Work Under Cars

GPS Tracking Key Pro Offers Covert Monitoring Solution

GPS_placement2People who use GPS tracker systems typically want to do so in a covert fashion, meaning they do not want the target (e.g. company driver, teen driver or elderly driver) reason to suspect their driving habits are being monitored. Therefore, finding a quality spot to equip a GPS unit on a car is crucial because a) the placement of the device must be in a location where the GPS can acquire signals from the Department of Defense network of satellites orbiting the Earth, and b) the device must be located in a place where the driver of the automobile will not find the micro car tracker. Understanding that users of vehicle tracking technology demand a compact device capable of acquiring GPS data in unique places, the GPS professionals at Tracking System Direct (TSD) tested numerous GPS monitoring units to find the absolute best covert tracker the market had to offer. What the GPS fleet tracking experts found was the GPS Tracking Key Pro was the top-performing device for those wanting to covertly monitor driving activity.

Why The Pro Works For Covert Placement

Many real-time tracking GPS units require the user to hard-wire the device to the electrical 12-volt system of the automobile. Although permanent installation is a great way to securely hide a GPS unit while also providing the user a sense of relief not having to worry about battery-life, most people do not have the luxury of purchasing less cost-effective GPS devices such as the SilverCloud and paying a local installer installation fees. What makes passive devices such as the GPS Tracking Key Pro a favorite among consumers and businesses is that the units do not require monthly fees, do not need to be hard-wired and can easily be attached to a vehicle through the use of a magnetic mount.

What makes GPS units such as the Tracking Key Pro so special is that they are engineered with rare earth magnets on the exterior portion of the housing case that are strong enough to grasp to the outside frame of a vehicle without falling off during even the most strenuous of off-road driving activities. However, simply placing a magnet on the outside of a personal GPS tracker does not mean a device can all of a sudden begin capturing GPS data while connected underneath an automobile. Another important engineering component is the antenna design, which allows the GPS unit to be ultra-sensitive to GPS signals being transmitted and reflected off the ground.

There is no location more easily accessible and covert than the outside frame of a vehicle, and that is why GPS receivers (GPS data loggers) designed with rugged water-resistant housing, exterior magnetic mounts and super-sensitive GPS antennas are so advantageous among those seeking a compact GPS that can be easily hidden on the outside of a vehicle. People asking themselves whether or not a GPS tracker works on the outside of a vehicle no longer have to wonder because devices built with quality do!