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One of the more popular questions those looking to buy a GPS tracker ask is, “Do I need a SIM card for a GPS tracker?” The answer is no. But that is if they are okay with investing in a GPS data logger. However, anyone wanting a live GPS tracking device would need a SIM card for the tracking device. So let’s take a closer look at the best GPS tracking device without a SIM card, and how a GPS tracker works with a SIM card!

How Does A GPS Tracker Work With A SIM Card?

Real time GPS systems work with the assistance of a GSM SIM card that allows the GPS device to connect to a cellular network. How a real time GPS tracker works using a mobile SIM card is quite simple:

  1. Vehicle GPS tracker records driving activity 
  2. GPS trackers sim card transmits that driving activity using cellular technology 
  3. Access live tracking from an online account to see where a vehicle is 24/7 

With a mobile SIM card, GPS positions can be transmitted instantly which is helpful for people who want to utilize a car GPS tracker for theft recovery or fleet tracking. However, every GPS locator that uses cell phone SIM cards will require a data plan (monthly subscription fee). Thankfully, there is a tracker for car monitoring that does not require a SIM card that will allow anyone to know where their vehicle has been!

Best GPS Locator Without Mobile SIM Card

Real Time GPS Tracker No Subscription

GPS Tracker For Car


  • GPS Tracker For Car With No SIM Card
  • Locate Where Someone Has Been
  • Tracker Positioning Every Second
  • Waterproof Design With Magnet Mount

The reason why most people want a GPS data logger over a live GPS tracker is that data loggers do not require subscription fees. That is what makes LandAirSea 54 so unique, is that it is a real time GPS tracking device with no monthly fees! This is because the mini GPS tracker was engineered with everything a person needs such as a SIM card, waterproof design, magnet mount, and full year of tracking with unlimited updates every minute! T

GPS tracking devices are like any other technology product in that they are constantly evolving and improving in functionality and efficiency. However, LandAirSea 54 continues to be the tracking system of choice among businesses, consumers, and an assortment of government agencies seeking a real time GPS tracker no monthly fee.

GPS Tracker Without Cell Service

When the Driving Activity Reporter was developed nearly 7 years ago by a company based in the Chicagoland area, nobody could have ever anticipated how the data logging vehicle tracking unit would revolutionize the GPS monitoring industry. What made the GPS vehicle tracker different from other GPS tracking systems was that the Driving Activity Reporter had no monthly service fees, a magnet mount that provided outside placement, extended battery life motion technology, and was one of the most cost-effective trackers created.

Unlike other real-time trackers, the Driving Activity Reporter was created to be used by a variety of people with a need for GPS monitoring technology. Everyday folks wanting a tracking device to observe the driving habits of a teen (GPS teen tracking systems), or  Fortune 500companies wanting a tool to verify employee production could both utilize the tracker. Recording data such as speeds driven, addresses arrived/departed and mileage is driven, all while costing less than $159.00. The Driving Activity Reporter quickly made a splash, selling over 100,000 units, and the attributes that made the device a winner when it was first released continue to make it a relevant and reliable GPS tracking solution today

Do You Need a Sim Card For a Car Tracker

The most popular selling passive GPS tracker of all time has widely been viewed as the Driving Activity Reporter. What made the device so special when it was released to the public was the simplicity of hardware design, compact housing that eliminated the need for any external antennas, a USB port built right onto the device, magnetic mount for users to put the tracker easily on the outside of a target vehicle and the low cost associated with operation. This was one of the first GPS trackers that did not require a SIM card! This is because users manually downloaded data through a USB port. With all of these quality features, the Driving Activity Reporter has continued to hold its own in a marketplace filled with competing products, even years after its retail debut. Although the tracker system is consistently rated high among technology and gadget review sites, the main complaint about the GPS monitoring device was that it would only work with PC-based operating systems.

“Anybody who has used the Driving Activity Reporter stated how impressed they were with the overall functionality of the devices, but with more people using Apple computers now than ever before, the demand has skyrocketed for a passive tracker that can connect and function off of a Mac operating system”, explained a product evaluator for Tracking System Direct. “We are happy to announce that the no monthly fee GPS tracker now works with all devices and operating systems! We also made a wealth of improvements made across the board, including stronger battery life, more sensitive antenna design, and user-friendly software, while continuing to utilize Google Maps and Google Earth as the primary mapping programs since so many people prefer them over alternative satellite mapping programs.”

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