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Do U Haul Trucks Have Tracking Devices?

Do U Haul Trucks Have Tracking Devices – What You Should Know!

If you are preparing for a move and considering renting a moving truck one of the questions you might have asked yourself is if U-Haul trucks have tracking devices installed in them. The short answer is yes and no. Some independent U-Haul dealers ensure trucks have GPS. However, over 90% of truck rental companies do not equip their moving vans, trucks, or other vehicles with GPS tracking devices. So, how should you cover theft or boost theft recovery? For both local and cross-country moves, the best way to protect yourself and your valuables is with real-time truck GPS devices. Let’s go over some tips to help keep your rental truck secure, discover why wireless GPS vehicle trackers are the best to do that, and answer the question, “Do U Haul Trucks Have Tracking Devices?”.

Best GPS Tracker For Moving 2024

Everlast GPS Tracker For Moving Truck

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Everlast vehicle tracking devices are the top-selling live GPS trackers among rental truck companies. The reason is the GPS tracking devices provide 138 hours of continuous real time tracking (which usually gives most users 3-4 months of battery life), highly accurate location tracking within 6 feet, and fully waterproof housing that gives anyone the ability to hide the live GPS trackers under a moving truck or van. With an affordable monthly fee of $19.95 a month and service plans month-to-month, Everlast is the best GPS tracker for moving vehicles! 

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Where To Find A GPS Device On A U-Haul Truck

Finding a GPS device on a U-Haul truck requires knowing where these devices are typically hidden. Here are some popular spots where you might locate a GPS device on a U-Haul truck:

  • Engine Bay: Look near the engine, as devices are often hidden here to make them hard to access.
  • Dashboard: Check behind the dashboard. This location is discreet and commonly used.
  • Under the Seats: Inspect under the driver’s or passenger’s seat for any hidden trackers.
  • Under the Truck: Sometimes devices are attached to the undercarriage, usually in a waterproof case.
  • Glove Compartment: Look inside the glove compartment for easy-access trackers.

To ensure you find any GPS device, start by checking these locations systematically. Knowing where these devices are commonly placed can help you understand the tracking capabilities and ensure your privacy.

Always ask the U-Haul center representative if the truck includes a GPS tracker. This knowledge will help you have a secure and informed rental experience. Remember to prioritize your safety and the security of your belongings when renting a moving truck. By being aware of these potential GPS device locations, you can better protect your privacy and ensure your rental experience is smooth and secure.

Tips To Help Prevent U-Haul Truck Theft

U-Haul trucks are not typically targeted by thieves. However, truck rentals and their contents can become targets if criminals find an opportunity. According to the FBI, there were approximately 721,885 motor vehicle thefts in the United States in 2019, highlighting the need for vigilance. To protect yourself and your valuables, consult with truck rental companies about safety measures. Additionally, follow these six tips to help prevent U-Haul truck theft:

  • Always lock your moving truck.
  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Equip a real-time GPS or personal GPS tracker.
  • Take out proper insurance.
  • Use a steering wheel lock.
  • Avoid leaving valuables in the truck overnight.

How To Prevent Theft Of A U-Haul Moving Truck

As mentioned early, U-Haul trucks have GPS trackers roughly less than 10% of the time so it is your responsibility to protect U-Haul equipment and return the truck safely. Following the 5 tips outlined to protect a moving truck rental is critical, but the two best ways to make certain your move ends safely are by getting the proper insurance (U-Haul cover theft) and with the use of a fleet tracking device. U-Haul is so expensive (along with companies such as Safe-Move Plus) that you would think that insurance and GPS car tracking would be included but they are not so you want to take the necessary steps of insuring equipment and GPS tracking moving trucks. 


How Do GPS Tracking Devices On U-Haul Trucks Improve Senior Safety?

GPS personal trackers on U-Haul trucks can help families keep track of their senior loved ones who may have medical conditions or cognitive impairments, ensuring that they are safe and not lost or in danger.

Can The Police Use GPS Trackers On U-Haul Trucks To Track Stolen Vehicles?

Yes, U-Haul’s real-time GPS trackers allow the company and police to track and locate stolen vehicles quickly and accurately. When a U-Haul truck is reported stolen, the company can use the GPS data to determine the vehicle’s exact location. They can then share this information with law enforcement, enabling a swift and precise recovery of the vehicle.

The GPS tracking system provides real-time updates, which means the vehicle’s location is constantly monitored and updated. This capability is particularly useful in theft situations, as it allows for immediate action and reduces the likelihood of prolonged vehicle loss.

Are All U-Haul Moving Trucks Tracked With GPS?

No. According to Motor & Wheels, most U-Haul trucks do not have GPS tracking devices installed, but some do based on the location. GPS tracking helps U-Haul locate vehicles if customers forget the return date. In high-theft areas, U-Haul uses GPS to track and recover stolen vehicles. However, theft of U-Haul trucks is rare, and the GPS devices act as a precaution.

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How Does U-Haul Use GPS For Fleet Management?

U-Haul uses GPS tracking devices to monitor the location, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs of their fleet. This comprehensive tracking ensures vehicles remain in top condition, providing customers with reliable service. By tracking fuel consumption, U-Haul can optimize routes, saving on fuel costs. Regular maintenance alerts help prevent breakdowns, ensuring safety and dependability.

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Can U-Haul Customers Disable GPS Trackers On Rental Trucks?

No, U-Haul’s GPS tracking devices are required for fleet management and customer safety. Therefore, customers cannot disable these devices. This policy ensures U-Haul can monitor vehicle locations effectively. Additionally, it helps maintain safety standards across their fleet. When renting a truck, always ask about the GPS tracking system. This keeps you informed and ensures a secure rental experience.

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