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GPS Tracking Britney Spears’ Pup

In the middle of 2007, pop-star Britney Spears walked into a local Bel-Air pet store and shelled out over $3000 to purchase a teacup Yorkshire Terrier. When the puppy purchase occurred Britney was in the midst of a divorce from her goof-ball husband, a catalyst that sparked abnormal episodes such as the one where she shaved the hair off her head and then attacked paparazzi with a giant green umbrella. Although Spears was involved in many unique and interesting situations in 2007 many people are asking whatever happened to the cute little puppy she purchased? Did she lose the puppy? Did she purchase a GPS tracking system to monitor the puppy in real-time?

When Britney first purchased her pooch she was seen carrying the puppy everywhere. She even gave the dog a cute name, London. However, in the midst of her personal turmoil when many people were questioning whether Britney had enough cognitive patterns to tie her shoes, somehow everyone forgot about London. Now, the puppy is missing in action, never making appearances on the red carpet or personal outings with Spears.

Is London missing? Did Britney know a live GPS tracking device could find her pooch if the dog was missing?

GPS Tracking Puppies

Many financially comfortable dog owners have been using real-time GPS tracking devices to keep constant track of their pooch. The same GPS tracking technology that was initially designed for military applications, then vehicle tracking applications, is now helping dog owners everywhere. Imagine losing your dog, the helpless feeling, the anxiety felt. Now imagine losing your dog and being able to find the puppies’ location with only a couple clicks of a computer mouse. GPS tracking technology provides dog owners the ability to access the location of any dog in real-time, providing pet-owners everywhere a sense of security.

GPS tracking applications continue to grow, and with pet-owners now having the ability to track down their best friend in real-time the value of GPS tracking devices is reinforced in another positive way.

Only Britney Spears and her inner circle know what really happened to little London. Tracking System Direct only hopes that if the dog was lost that it was wearing a GPS tracking device.

Source: People