Smart Collar Impresses At 2015 CES

dogEvery year businesses and innovators from across the globe flock to the Nevada desert to witness and showcase the latest technological gadgets at one of the most popular trade shows on the planet: CES. The international Consumer Electronics Show which takes place annually in Las Vegas has been the location where all the coolest products typically make their debut, but one product at the 2015 CES that had most people talking was one for the dogs. This is because of a  GPS-enabled device created by the folks at Motorola called the Scout 5000 that may change the way people monitor, safeguard and interact with their pets.

When crowds were introduced to the Scout 5000 developed by Motorola the first thought that crossed most people’s minds was, “I didn’t know Motorola was still in business”? All kidding aside, the Scout 5000 was introduced as a truly unique piece of equipment that offers video data, GPS tracking and WiFi connectivity, all technologies that will allow pet owners to locate their dog if it goes missing or simply see what the dog is doing via the pet owner’s smartphone. The product unveiling was quite impressive but now our security experts are going to break down some of the top features of the Scout 5000 and explain the benefits or disadvantages of the technology.

Hi-Definition Video

The smart collar offers video data that is transmitted via WiFi and can then be accessed by the pet owner by simply using a mobile app. This is personally our favorite feature of the product because personally I cannot tell you how many times I’ve sat in the office and wondered what my dog was doing throughout the day. Is he barking at the neighbors? Is he chewing on the furniture? Dog owners never have to wonder what their pooch is doing thanks to this feature.

GPS Tracking

Many people are now familiar with GPS technology thanks in large part to mobile GPS apps or some form of vehicle tracking security solutions. That same type of advanced locational data that can pinpoint where a car or person is at is also one of the advantageous features of the smart collar. Let’s face it, bad things can happen. A gardener can leave a gate open or a dog can simply impulse run. With the assistance of the GPS tracking feature designed into the Scout 5000 pet owner’s can rest assured they will be able to locate their dog if he or she gets lost.

Two-Way Voice Communication

A unique feature that is certainly cool and can be advantageous in a emergency situation, the Scout 5000 smart collar offers two-way voice communication that will provide per owners the ability to speak directly to their pooch via phone. This, along with the GPS tracking feature, can be very helpful if a dog gets lost or runs away from home impulsively. Although we are not certain, the two way voice communication could require a monthly data plan cost and that would be one draw back of the feature.

The Scout 5000 is also being promoted alongside a more compact version for smaller breeds of dogs but the Scout 2500 would not offer video recording data in order for the device to fit more securely on a pooch.

The Scout 5000 is expected to cost consumers around $200 when it is released for public purchase later this Summer.