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Dog GPS Tracking System

Track Dog With GPS

Electronics retailers and online GPS tracking system e-commerce sites have been increasingly successful selling GPS tracker specialized for tracking dogs over the past 2 years. GPS tracking products designed for dogs have a simple function, to help pet-owners swiftly discover the location of their missing furry loved-ones so they can quickly be recovered without harm. Any pet-lover can only imagine how horrible they would feel if a door was accidentally left open and the family dog escaped and became lost. Thankfully, technology has advanced simple dog collars that normally only had a pet’s address and owner’s phone number attached. Now dog collars can be equipped with a real time GPS tracker, a sophisticated piece of technology that can tell a pet-owner where their pooch is at any given time.


Price Of GPS Dog Chip

Pet-owners who may be intrigued by the thought of a dog collar with GPS tracking system capabilities should be aware that the technology does not come cheap. A standard pet collar with a name and address tag will run a pet-owner roughly $25, however, a collar with GPS tracking device capabilities will cost approximately $199 for the cost of the hardware with an additional monthly service fee of anywhere between $10-$20 a month. Pet-owners should evaluate their financial situation before making a commitment to purchasing a collar with GPS tracker capabilities because many dog tracking collar manufacturers require the purchaser to sign a 2-year service commitment.

Dog Safety Tips

Experts believe pet-lovers do not necessarily need to invest in a collar with a GPS tracking system in order to keep their pet safe, but they should be aware of the following tips that are smart ways to help safeguard their pet.


  • Be aware of weather conditions: On days that are very hot or cold give your pet extra notice and double-check all possible places the dog may be able to get out of the house.
  • Update the dog’s tags: A simple tip that many pet-owners tend to oversee is updating the dog’s tags after a move. When pets move to a new area they are much more likely to become lost since they are in an unfamiliar area. With an updated address and phone number on the dog’s tags, if the dog becomes lost and a stranger finds him/her they will be able to easily get in touch with the pet-owner
  • Be aware of the Holidays: With most holidays comes joy, celebration, relaxation, and sometimes carelessness. Many people consume alcohol and relax during the holidays, and with numerous guests entering and leaving a house there is an increased risk of the dog getting out.

GPS tracking systems are a great tool for dog-loss prevention, but if pet-owners can take proper precautions they should be able to avoid purchasing a costly tracking device and still keep the family dog safe.

Pet GPS Tracker

At some point in every individual’s life, they have either owned a pet or known someone who has. It does not matter if you are a cat person or you prefer man’s best friend, animals can provide friendship, loyalty, companionship, and they always help make a house a home. As much joy and love as a cat or dog can provide, with that love also comes fear. Fear that one day the beloved family pet will wander away, get lost, or be stolen. Many pet owners take proper precautions to help if one of these situations were ever to occur by purchasing a secure collar with updated tags or placing an identity chip beneath the skin. However, all of these strategies to animal-loss prevention only work if a good Samaritan finds the animal and calls the number on the tag, or brings the pet to a veterinary clinic to have the identity chip information extracted. A few questions people need to ask themselves are:

  1. What if a cat is older and simply forgets where home is?
  2. What if a dog gets underneath a fence and begins chasing a rabbit?
  3. What if a stranger steals the animal?

Unfortunately, any of one these scenarios or a thousand others may leave a pet-owner alone and animal-less, forcing them to post signs around the neighborhood in hope that someone might have seen or found the pet. Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world where good Samaritans inhabit every neighborhood and area.

GPS Tracker For Pets

Technology makes our lives easier by simplifying the world around us. For pet owners, GPS tracking system technology may be able to end the problem of animal-loss. The idea is simple, by placing a GPS receiver and transmitter into an ordinary collar the animal’s location can be accounted for at any time. Therefore, almost all animal-loss scenarios can be resolved via GPS technology. GPS real-time tracking systems can squarely pinpoint the location of any object, asset, person or pet. Although pet tracking is a fairly new concept, people have been using vehicle tracking devices for years to monitor vehicles or other assets. However, as the live GPS tracking technology advanced, becoming smaller and more affordable, many other tracking applications began to surface. GPS monitoring applications now include:

  • Pet Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Fleet Tracking

Is A Pet GPS Tracking System The Answer For Me?

Every situation is different and any individual interested in adopting a GPS system as a pet-protection application should consult their veterinarian. Unfortunately, real-time tracking technology does not come cheap and comes with some responsibility. First of all, the GPS tracker collar must be recharged on a continuous basis to guarantee the pet tracking device will be fully operational if the pet ever becomes missing. Second, the upfront cost of the GPS tracking device will range from $100-$200 and will carry a monthly service charge. Since pet tracking collars utilize tracking systems and cellular technology, all manufacturers and resellers will require a credit card to be kept on file for billing. Some companies even require a contract to be signed for upwards of one or two years.

Pet lovers considering GPS tracking system technology as a pet-recovery application should strongly consider the costs associated with the GPS equipment.

Is There A Price Tag You Can Place On Your Pet?

If cost is not an issue, then a GPS tracking system can help provide any pet lover with a secure feeling and sense of protection. When purchasing a real-time GPS tracker for pets or any piece of technology make sure extensive research is done on the company as well as customer support. No scenario would be worse than if your pet was lost, and the GPS provider’s customer support was based in India or Costa Rica.

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