Dog Has Ultimate Loyalty

GPS Tracking Editor’s Video Pick

Even Dogs Can Be Heroes

The entire world has been watching as Japan now faces the many humanitarian challenges and struggles associated with clean-up and rescue after a devastating earthquake that was centered off the east coast of Honshu destroyed many Japanese coastal cities. Compounding the disaster was a massive tsunami that blasted through many cities nestled on the eastern coast line of Japan. The earthquake and tsunami have resulted in approximately 4,500 deaths with still nearly 10,000 people remaining unaccounted for. If that wasn’t enough, the quake also impacted a nuclear power plant, severely damaging the structure and causing high doses of radiation to be emitted into the atmosphere. Many people are now holding their breath as it is believed a full-scale nuclear meltdown equal to the disaster that struck Chernobyl is still a real possibility.

The pain and suffering caused from the earthquake, tsunami and possible nuclear meltdown will likely be felt for years and years, but even in the midst of this catastrophe, many heroes are emerging. These heroes include military personnel helping in search and rescue missions, the scientists facing heavy radiation exposure to try and cool off reactors in an attempt to prevent a nuclear disaster and a simple dog who would not leave his injured companion.

The GPS tracking system editor’s video pick is always relative to a story about hope and all that is good in our world. The GPS vehicle tracker editor had no shortage of heroic stories when it came to the situation in Japan because there have been numerous accounts of amazing tales of people risking their lives to save their fellow man. However, one video, which instantly became viral, that the GPS tracking system editor came across that showcased the “awe” factor was a video captured by Japanese news media of a dog who would not leave his injured furry companion. Showing the most sincere and selfless form of loyalty and devotion, a caring dog stayed near an injured dog to comfort and console his friend. The video is quite amazing and really shows the emotions that animals do have for one another.

Although the video is in Japanese, the viewer can easily understand the situation and view the intense love and loyalty of the dog even without translation.

According to some unofficial reports, both dogs were taken to a rescue facility where it is said they are both doing fine now.


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