Dog Tracking System Safety

Pet Tracking System Technology

Should You Be Concerned About Your Pet’s Health?

GPS tracking devices are no longer for the big businesses and fleets that make up industrial and commercial markets. In fact, as GPS monitoring technology has continually progressed, many GPS products have been built and designed specifically for the consumer market. One of these consumer-marketed products are dog tracking system collars, live trackers that allow pet-owners to locate their dog if he or she ever became lost or missing, but could these pet trackers be dangerous for your pet?

For any dog owner, pet safety is always a top concern. This usually begins when the puppy is first introduced to the house, and the puppy-proofing begins. Electrical cords, screws or anything else that could be potentially harmful to the puppy are placed out of the puppies’ reach in an effort to promote a safe environment. Another way some pet owners are doing to increase safety is through the use of GPS tracking collars.

GPS monitoring collars give dog owners the ability to know the exact location of their pet anytime, anywhere. This allows them to constantly stay connected to their dog, allowing the dog owner to easily find their pet if they sneak out of the house or get lost. Although at first glance this seems like a very exciting and helpful technology, these GPS units use cellular technology to transmit the location-based data. Therefore, placing a GPS collar on your dog could be comparable to keeping a cell phone connected around their neck 24/7.

According to recent studies and reports, there are many dangers of cell phone use. These dangers can include memory loss, ear/eye cancer increase and immune system suppression. Even more strange, is most people already have the knowledge that long-term and heavy usage of cellular phones could have an impact on overall health. Although the average person may only spend an hour on the phone, if you knew someone who had a phone strapped to their ear every second of every day would you think that was dangerous? Well that is pretty much what dog owners are doing when they are strapping real-time tracking GPS units to their dog’s neck.

At this time, no extensive research studies have been conducted on the dangers and possible health risks to animals using GPS collars. This article is simply an opinion intended to provoke conversation and thought.