Driving Activty Report


Text Report Showcases Driving Activity In Detail

GPS Tracking Data Displayed With Precision

Text_reportHaving the ability to review detailed reports about driving activity is one of the essential reasons why companies and consumers invest in GPS tracking systems. Yes it is true that GPS data that is interfaced over Google Earth or other satellite mapping programs provides a more unique and real feel of where a driver has been, but when it comes to having instant access to concrete data, nothing is better than a text report that breaks down every location a driver has been, how long that person was at a particular address, total mileage driven per day and more. The best part about the daily driving activity text report is that it is one of the three ways users of the GPS Tracking Key and GPS Tracking Key Pro models of GPS data loggers can review data. The daily text reports, which are generated via the LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key software that accompanies every piece of hardware, make it easy to reveal the unknown driving behaviors of a teen, elderly family member or employee.

GPS Tracking  Data

GPS data from the above mentioned models of vehicle tracking systems, when displayed in the form of a text report, will offer the following information

  • Departure Time
  • Driving Time
  • Arrival Time
  • Address of Location Arrived
  • Length of Time Stopped
  • Total Mileage Driven Per Day
  • Maximum Speed Driven Per Day

One of the most advantageous features of the daily text reports is that it allows parents to easily determine if their teenage son or daughter is excessive speeding (Teen tracking), businesses understand where company drivers are going and locations they have been (fleet management) and concerned family members discover if an elderly driver is not getting lost (elderly tracking).

Anyone interested in accessing a larger version of the GPS Tracking Key driving activity report can visit the GPS tracking devices product page for a more close-up view.