Driving Taxes

GPS Vehicle Tracking, Mileage & Gas Taxes

Taxing Drivers Based Upon Mileage Driven

With Summer right around the corner comes the dreaded “Summer blend” of gasoline. This blend of gasoline is more expensive than other blends because cost-effective additives that are placed into gasoline, such as butane, are removed due to their contribution to smog and air pollution during the Summer¬†months.

The Summer blend of gasoline is sold from June 1st to September 15th, resulting in higher prices at the pump.

With Summer blends of gasoline, rising oil prices and increased gasoline taxes the end result can be enough to financially strain any middle class family. Although there is little government can do to modify oil prices or change the chemistry involved in gasoline production, some people believe they may have found a solution to the expensive state taxes on gasoline sales. The solution is not taxing the cost of fuel motorists pay, but rather the mileage motorists drive. These people are suggesting that sometimes controversial GPS vehicle tracking technology would be the method of calculating that mileage driven.

GPS data loggers such as the GPS Tracking Key and GPS Tracking Key Pro are used frequently by a variety of demographics for monitoring purposes and mileage calculation, but could these same GPS trackers be used effectively for taxation purposes?

Some people are saying yes!

Nobody likes paying $3.00+ per gallon in fuel costs, but could GPS tracking provide the answer to keeping gas prices low? Well yes and no. Since state and Federal taxes are only one portion of why gasoline prices are so damn high there is really no way to cap the ceiling on gas prices. However, if the taxes were removed and replaced with a mileage tracking system that charged people for their road usage than that could result in people seeing a significant decline of the price they see at the pump.

People could place a passive monitoring system on their vehicle that could calculate mileage drive to the hundredths, and turn in that documentation on tax day. A GPS tracker such as the SilverCloud GPS could even provide live streaming data to the DMV, NHTSA or whoever were in charge of auditing that information.

Tracking System Opinion

Would you be okay with having some form of GPS monitoring device on your vehicle if that meant gas would stay below $3.00 a gallon?