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Ending Car Chases With GPS Tracking Bullet

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GPS Car Tracker For Ending Police Chases

High-speed pursuits often make for riveting live television but the reality is that when police chase bad guys trying to make a getaway the end result can sometimes be more horrific than the original crime committed. Sadly, there are numerous documented incidents where something as small as a simple traffic violation moves into a high-speed police pursuit and ends with a bystander or other motorist getting seriously injured. This has caused many people to go as far as to suggest that maybe the police should not engage in high-speed pursuits as some statistics show that the police chase is actually more of a hazard toward public safety. Thankfully, the way that police pursue fleeing criminals could change very soon with the help of a new GPS tracking system that was designed to provide law enforcement with an alternative and safe way to bring the bad guys to justice.

What police departments in cities all across the country are now beta testing is a GPS tracker known as the Starchase system. Described as a pursuit management tool, the Starchase system has one primary objective: to monitor locational information of suspects in real-time during a high-speed car chase. How the tracking system stops car chases is through a three-step process:

  1. Police in pursuit of a vehicle uses a cannon-like device to essentially shoot a GPS tracker upon the fleeing automobile.
  2. The GPS tracker system sticks to the fleeing automobile. The device then begins sending out various information based on GPS data such as speed, location, and more.
  3. The transmitted GPS tracking system data is then accessed remotely where police can track the vehicle from a computer or mobile communication device such as a smartphone.

Slowing Down Car Chases

Police are keenly aware that high-speed car chases have the potential to end in vehicle accidents, property damage, or even bodily injury to innocent people. However, police also can’t let simply commit a crime and leave without any fear of police pursuit, complicating the situation in a number of different ways. The goal is that the Starchase tracking system will significantly reduce the number of risks and dangers associated with police pursuits of fleeing criminals while also boosting the capture rate of suspects. With a real-time GPS tracking device monitoring a criminal’s vehicle police would then be able to essentially disengage from pursuit while still following them with an eye in the sky. In the end, the goal is public safety and the Starchase tracking system certainly offers an alternative way for law enforcement to handle high-speed car chases in a more modern and safe fashion.