Ethereum Classic Now Accepted

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ETC Now Added As Payment Option

As a global leader in GPS vehicle monitoring solutions, Tracking System Direct has always strived to be at the forefront of technology. The companies’ GPS tracker devices have received numerous industry awards, and most importantly real-world praise from businesses, consumers and government agencies. One of the goals of the online business has been to:

1) Offer the best GPS products on the market

2) Provide excellent technical assistance on all products at no cost

3) Make the onine shopping experience as easy as possible.

Tracking System Direct already has many top-selling products and the technical support continues to receive accolades, but there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to making the online shopping experience easier, faster and more discrete. That is why the company is proud to announce it will be adding Ethereum Classic as a payment option to anyone looking at purchasing surveillance equipment!

What Is Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency that is basically a fork off the Ethereum blockchain. As many tech-enthusiasts already know, Ethereum skyrocketed in value during 2017 reaching upwards of $1400 per coin! The coin, which was created by Vitalik Buterin, contineus to have a cult-like following as well as amazing team of developers growing th community. In fact, it is very well possible that Ethereum could change the way people use currency forever! With that being said,  ETC offers many of the same components of the Ethereum crytpo-currency, but with the additional bonus of being severely under-valued. “As of right now the price of Ethereum is $470 per coin and we expect that number to easily reach $2000 in 2019, but we also strongly believe that Ethereum Classic will be the real big mover in late 2018 and early 2019”, explained a technology expert at Tracking System Direct. “Our price models have Ethereum Classic getting close to that $100 per coin number by December so from a business stand point it makes a ton of sense for us to be accepting ETC as a form of payment along with other more versatile payment digital coins such as Litecoin.”

Those interested in learning more about Ethereum Classic and using the crypto-currency as a payment can contact a representative for more details.