Ethics Of GPS Tracking


What Would You Do?

GPS Tracking Your Significant Other

EthicsSince the beginning of time, relationships have always caused either great conflict or harmony. From the time we are very young we see couple holding hands together, exchanging kisses or sharing intimate moments. However, many of these moments are only temporary as many relationships end. Whether a couple has been together for only a few weeks or a few decades, there is no telling when a relationship will expire. Although determining when a relationship will expire is impossible, when a significant other or spouse engages in an affair that is surely one way to expedite the process.

Cheating is pretty much one of the most for sure ways to turn a loving and committed relationship into a toilet filled with crap, but finding out if your spouse or significant other is not being faithful has always been a difficult thing to expose. By bringing your concerns to the spouse you could sound like a paranoid or over-protective lover, but by saying or doing nothing how can you sleep well at night? Thankfully, modern technology has provided a tool called the GPS tracking system that can help bridge the gap, allowing people in relationships the ability to uncover what a spouse is really doing when they arrive home late.

Ethics are always a big thing for most people and rightfully should be. Ethics even come strongly into play when a person begins to wonder if investing in vehicle tracking technology is the right thing to do in order to validate their suspicions. By placing a car tracker on a lover’s automobile you are making certain assumptions about the individual and the relationship. You are stating that you believe the foundation of your relationship could have cracks and that your significant other or spouse could be thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. So the questions we want to ask you are:

If you had a strong belief that a spouse or significant other was cheating on you would you place a GPS Tracking Key on their vehicle to monitor driving activity?

Is it ethically wrong to for people to put tracking systems on other people’s vehicles?

We want to know what you would do!