Expansion Of GPS Module Manufacturing


Taiwan Looking To Expand Into GPS Tracking Market

GPS Modules Finding New Home Away From Navigation Devices

GPS_moduleOne of the global sources for affordable GPS components and hardware is the country of Taiwan. Manufacturers from all over the world flock to companies based in Taiwan now more than ever to purchase GPS modules and other circuitry at bargain prices. Over the past 10 years the GPS component manufacturers in Taiwan solely focused on the development of modules, antennas and other equipment related to the production of navigation GPS systems designed for vehicles or personal use. However, as the market for GPS tracking systems has continued to evolve and expand, Taiwanese suppliers have begun to diversify, moving away from solely navigational component production.

What many of the manufacturers are doing is moving toward the development of GPS components designed specifically for:

1. Automotive-based GPS systems (vehicle tracking applications)

2. Personal GPS tracking systems for security, fitness, recreation or sporting applications.

3. Automated vehicle location and telematic systems for theft recovery applications.

The GPS component designers and engineers view the growing personal GPS tracking market as a reason to expand on the creation of technologies used for monitoring health, two-way communication and alarm and panic button features.

As the market for GPS systems becomes more satiated, consumers can expect the cost of real-time GPS trackers and passive tracking devices to drop substantially.

Source: Electronic Components