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Experts On GPS Tracking

confidentmanTracking system information that played a key role in the arrest of a drug dealer is now having a contingency placed upon it if the GPS tracking data is to be admitted as evidence in the case. A state appellate court has informed prosecuting attorneys that an expert testimony will be required to accompany the vehicle tracking system information detailing the travels of Eric Pittman if the GPS system is to be used as evidence against Pittman. Arrested in 2005 after a 7 month investigation, Pittman was charged with possession of illegal firearms ,drug paraphernalia, drug possession, and intent to distribute drugs. Police were able to successfully monitor Pittman’s drug distribution network with the use of a live GPS tracker, which has now become a staple tool among law enforcement agencies.

The tracking system information was a crucial piece of evidence for the prosecution, but the GPS system data was challenged by Pittman’s defense team. Steve Altman, Pittman’s defense attorney, stated that expert testimony was vital and necessary since the reliability of the GPS tracking data could be interpreted differently. The defense is claiming that investigators may have improperly used the vehicle tracking system, causing it to record data inaccurately.

Prosecutors tried to fight the defense on the GPS tracking system expert, insisting that the GPS technology has been generally accepted by most judicial avenues as reliable, but the judge felt it was paramount that an expert witness validate the tracking system accuracy and reliability.

The courts are now waiting for the prosecution to produce an expert witness so the case can resume and conclude.

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