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Should you Tell your Friend their Partner is Cheating

Would You Tell Your Friend?

Imagine you were eating in a restaurant and enjoying a glass of wine with a few friends. As you sit there taking pleasure in the company of friends and personal relaxation time you suddenly notice the spouse of one of your very best friends having lunch with another man. Immediately your mind begins to race as you ask yourself why exactly is this woman having what appears to be an intimate dinner with a man who is not her husband? As you begin to shift focus away from the conversation at your table to better gauge why the wife of one of your good friends is having what looks to be a romantic dinner with another guy, you feel your heart slowly beating faster with anxiousness rising tension. Telling yourself over and over again that there is obviously a clear explanation for everything, you try to make sense of everything that is happening. The moment you start to feel a sensation of calm, your eyes catch the man kissing and groping your good friend’s wife.

Now your suspicions are confirmed, as it is clear your good friend’s wife is cheating. As you try not to let the dinner guests at your table think anything is wrong, you are flooded with a mixture of emotions from sadness for your friend to anger at the wife. With all of this information you now hold, the only question is whether or not you tell your friend that his wife is cheating on him.

So what would you do?

Social Dilemma

There are two types of people when it comes down to this very personal social dilemma, the person who stands on the principles of truth and the person who believes that getting involved is none of their business. This fleet management expert is in no way suggesting one is right and one is wrong, but each comes with a certain responsibility. For the person who chooses to do nothing, they can believe in the “kill the messenger” way of thinking, believing that by revealing the truth the good friend will point their anger toward them. As many spouses who are caught cheating are often known to lie about their adulterous ways, when a friend is fighting against a spouse in a “who are you going to believe” match, the spouse typically wins. However, by holding onto this type of secret, one could face future backlash for not revealing the truth and keeping the ugly truth hidden.

For the person who feels moral righteousness and the truth is the only option, by revealing the truth the individual becomes deeply involved in the personal situation. The friend will want concrete details on what happened, and that information could possibly be used as evidence in a potential divorce hearing. The friend would likely appreciate the gesture of truth, which would validate the friendship and trust between the two parties.

Catching Cheaters In The 21st Century

The way people cheat has changed dramatically over the past decade with the increase in mobile communication technologies and social networking sites. Before the boom in mobile devices, there was no such thing as sexting, and with so many people now conducting social business online it is very common for people to post provocative messages or status updates on sites such as Facebook. Although there are a number of ways a suspicious spouse can identify if their partner is sending inappropriate emails or engaged in cyber sex through the help of security products such as keystroke logger devices, other tools such as GPS tracking systems are also helping bring out the truth.

GPS spouse tracking is a relatively new term that refers to the application of placing a vehicle tracking system on the car of the husband or wife suspected of infidelity. Through the help of a GPS tracking unit, a concerned spouse can determine every location their partner is going, how long they have been there and more. The information can also be accessed via real-time tracking technology, and all of the geolocational data comes with addresses the target arrived and departed from.

Although technological tools are available to help identify cheating, no evidence is as good or cheap as a personal friend is an eyewitness to the event.

Making A Tough Choice

Regardless of what a person decides to do if they are ever caught up in this type of situation, the one thing that is guaranteed is that hurt will come. When cheating happens people get hurt. There is simply no way around it.

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