Facebook Craze


Move Aside Google, Facebook Is The New Number 1

Facebook Beats Out Google As Most Viewed Website

facebook_logoHow popular is the social networking website Facebook? Well I have a Facebook page, my grandma has a Facebook page, my girlfriend’s aunt’s son who his 1 has a Facebook page and many pets have their own page. This is usually the section I give a brief description of what the social networking site is, but there is no point wasting my time because if you do not know what Facebook is then you probably live in Antarctica and are too busy hunting baby seals. The reason I am writing about Facebook is because the website, and it’s farmville loving fans, did something nobody thought was possible, they took Google‘s spot as the most viewed website.

Google has led the charge in innovation for years, creating Google Earth, smart phones, Google Maps…I could literally do this all day so I am just going to stop, but just know that Google basically does everything. However, with the news that Facebook has now beat out Google as the most viewed website that could mean there is starting to become a dynamic shift in the way people choose to gather information. Basically it means people are starting to pay more attention to the way they share content and gather information online. It means people are placing more value and putting more time in getting information from reliable sources they trust, their friends, instead of random keyword searches through Google.

The irony is that Google took the top spot nearly 3 years ago from another social networking site, Myspace. Myspace was a monster success, quickly gathering popularity and buzz, but as fast as it rose it fell when competitor Facebook took over the social networking market.

So should Google worry? Probably only about where they can find a bank big enough to hold all their profits because there is no doubt Google will be around for a long time. Facebook on the other hand, is very susceptible to the trend and could potentially lose followers as quickly as it gained them.

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