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Failing A Driver’s Test

GPS Tracking Experts Show What Not To Do

How To Fail A Behind-The-Wheel Driver’s Test

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is very clear when it states that driving a motor vehicle is not a right, but rather a privilege. With more teenagers feeling entitled now than ever before, it is difficult to relay this very important message to those teens preparing and studying to take their written and behind-the-wheel driving exams. Driving safety is something that is not only important to those operating a vehicle, but also every other person who shares the roadways. This is why the driving experts at the DMV require those wanting to receive a driver’s license to show that they have a basic understanding of driving laws, and can operate a motor vehicle in a real world environment. Although most people tend to struggle with the written examinations more so than the behind-the-wheel exams, every once in awhile a driver will make some crucial errors during the driving exam. These things can include not checking driver-side and rear view mirrors, not keeping driving hands at the 10 and 2 positions and more. Although there are numerous things a driver can do (or not do) to lose points on their behind-the-wheel driving exam, sometimes a driver will intentionally make errors to get under their teacher’s skin. That is what one teenager did, and captured on a hidden camera surveillance device in the above video as part of a practical joke that our GPS car tracking experts felt compelled to share with families who may have a teenager preparing for their test. Hopefully, the video will provide a short amount of comic relief to ease the tension that some kids have about driving and driving exams.

Tracking System Direct would like to note that driving and operating a motor vehicle should be taken very seriously, for a single accident can have life-altering implications. With speeding, distracted driving and other variables being prevalent among novice teenage drivers, many concerned parents are now applying GPS vehicle monitoring technology to help oversee potentially dangerous driving behaviors. The application of teen tracking through the use of devices such as the GPS Tracking Key and SilverCloud has resulted in a instrumental turnaround in how parents have had the capability to protect their teens from habits that can have fatal results.