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Dummy Vehicle Tracking Devices

Dummy GPS Trackers

Employers and Parents Fail With Dummy Tracking Systems

There is no doubt that the current economic crisis is placing financial strain on everyone in some shape or form. Pinching pennies, clipping coupons, and trying to save a dollar here and there is what the average person is now having to do to stay out of the red. A new approach that some consumers and businesses have been adopting during these financially straining times is the use of dummy vehicle tracking systems to keep tabs on their teens or employees. For example, a parent or business owner will tell their teen or employee that a vehicle tracking system has been placed inside their vehicle, or they will show them the GPS tracker that is equipped with the vehicle. What the teen or employee does not know is that the monitoring device is a fake, placed inside the vehicle in a clearly visible location to try and shape the driver’s behavior. The parent of the teen driver and employer are both hoping that the dummy device approach will result in safer driving habits without having to purchase a real GPS tracking device.


Why a Dummy or Fake Tracking System?

The reason why consumers and businesses are turning to the assistance of dummy vehicle tracking systems is so they will not have to pay for the cost of the hardware of a real functional GPS monitoring solution, and if the GPS tracker is a real-time device they will not have to pay the monthly service costs. By acquiring dummy vehicle tracking systems, consumers and businesses will try and shape a driver’s behavior without having to make the investment into sometimes costly GPS car trackers that have functioning GPS tracking capabilities.

However, are consumers and businesses trying to have their cake and eat it with dummy vehicle tracking systems?

The Problem with Dummy Vehicle Tracking Systems

The problem with implementing a dummy vehicle tracking system is that the consumer or business has to hope the dummy GPS tracker will change and shape the driver’s behavior, increasing the odds that the driver will utilize safe driving tips and practices. Because the dummy tracking device is more than likely only a case of an actual device, the parent or employer really has no way to verify or check if road violations are occurring. Driving reports, speed alerts, and clear documentation of everywhere that driver has traveled are not available with the use of a dummy fleet management system. Essentially, consumers and businesses who use dummy vehicle tracking devices are rolling the dice with their assets and loved ones and have no way to verify what numbers were rolled.

Is There a Solution?

If you are a consumer or business and feel that either a teen, employer, or some other person is misusing or abusing the vehicular assets then the best solution would be to invest in a passive vehicle tracking system. Real time GPS tracker systems are the most cost-effective available on the market, selling for around $99, and there are also GPS trackers with no monthly service fees. The application of a dummy surveillance device may work temporarily in some circumstances, but with no way of reviewing the driving data, they are not a real solution.

The only real solution to uncovering the unknown driving habits of a person is an investment in a functioning and reliable vehicle tracking system.

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