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Dummy Vehicle Tracking Devices

Dummy GPS Trackers – Limitations Of Fake GPS

During the current economic crisis, many individuals and businesses are feeling the financial strain. To cut costs and monitor their teens or employees, some have turned to dummy vehicle tracking systems. They inform the individuals that a tracking system has been installed or show them a visible GPS tracker, without revealing that it is actually a fake. The goal is to shape driver behavior and promote safer driving habits without the need for a real GPS device. This approach offers a cost-effective solution in challenging times. But is it worth it? Our expert say no, and they will explain why in this article!


Why Should You Consider A Dummy Or Fake Tracking System?

Many consumers and businesses opt for dummy vehicle tracking systems to avoid the costs of real GPS hardware and monthly service fees. By using dummy trackers, you can attempt to shape the behavior of drivers without investing in fully functional GPS trackers. But here is the reality – most live GPS trackers now cost less than $100. In this article, we will explain the limitations of dummy GPS trackers and why you should avoid them. 

The Limitations Of Dummy Vehicle Tracking Systems

It’s important to note that dummy systems come with limitations. Since they are not real tracking devices, you cannot verify or monitor road violations or access detailed driving data. You rely on chance, without concrete evidence or control over your assets or loved ones. Here are some more examples of why you should not use fake or dummy GPS tracker.

  • Limited effectiveness: Dummy GPS trackers lack functionality, offering limited monitoring capabilities.
  • Inability to verify behavior: Without real-time data, you can’t confirm or address driving violations.
  • Lack of comprehensive insights: Dummy trackers provide limited information on routes, speed, and locations visited.
  • Uncertainty and reliance on chance: Relying on dummy systems leaves safety to chance without concrete evidence.
  • False sense of security: Using a dummy tracker may create a false sense of effective monitoring.
  • Missed opportunities for improvement: Without accurate data, you miss valuable insights for enhancing driving habits.

Therefore, investing in a genuine GPS tracking system ensures accurate monitoring and actionable insights.

Is There A Solution?

If you’re concerned about potential misuse or abuse of your vehicles, the best solution is to invest in a GPS car tracker. Real-time GPS trackers are available at affordable prices, starting at around $99. Unlike dummy devices, these trackers provide you with reliable and comprehensive driving data to effectively monitor and address any concerns.

Remember, relying on dummy trackers may provide temporary relief, but they lack the ability to provide real-time information and accurate insights into driving habits. To have full control and access to reliable data, investing in a functioning and dependable vehicle tracking system is the best choice.

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