Federal Reserve Asked To Disclose


Tell Us Who Took The Money!

Banks On Bailout List May Soon Be Revealed

moneyAccording to a financial news release obtained by GPS tracking distributor Tracking System Direct, the Federal Reserve may soon have to reveal the names of banks who nearly failed before the American people bailed out the financial institutions. The Federal Reserve would not disclose any of the information stating that if people knew which banks took the cash it could have a negative impact on the recovery of the financial sector. Bloomberg disagreed and sued the Federal Reserve, asking that the banking institution reveal the names of the banks who took part of the $2 trillion dollar giveaway.

More than likely, the names of the banks will not be released as the Federal Reserve will submit appeal after appeal all the way to the Supreme Court. The Federal Reserve may even petition congress to create or amend the law to ensure that the information is not released.

The money that the financial institutions took was not their own. The money belonged to the American tax payer, and the American tax payer has a right to know where their money is going, especially when the price tag is in the trillions of dollars.

When the government was setting record breaking deficits, the Federal Reserve was posting some of the largest profits ever because of the interest they were charging the American people.

Every GPS tracking system and vehicle tracking expert at Tracking System Direct would like to thank Bloomberg for their diligent work trying to have the names of the banks exposed.

Source: MarketWatch