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The Next Generation In GPS Data Logger Technology

Tracking System Direct spends countless hours every year to test and evaluate the latest GPS monitoring devices for automotive and personal tracking security. Whether it be GPS devices from the annual CES show in Las Vegas or a manufacturer located halfway around the globe, if the product is affordable, user-friendly and truly revolutionary then our GPS tracking system experts want to learn more. One product that our GPS experts have been beta testing is a passive solution known as the FlashBack GPS, and Tracking System Direct could not be more proud to announce that the tracker will be making its debut in the early part of 2014!

FlashBack GPS Tracking: More Than A Passive GPS Device

Measuring in at 2.0″ x 2.0″ x 1.0″, the FlashBack GPS device is small, lightweight and perfect for surveillance. Designed with an internal magnetic mount for easy outside placement on any target automobile, all a user needs to do is put the FlashBack GPS tracker on a vehicle or asset and let it record any and all movements. When the user wants to view the recorded historical data all they need to do is remove the GPS tracking system from the vehicle or asset and connect it to a computer for download. The FlashBack tracking system will record 60 hours worth of movement (tracker will stay in sleep mode when not moving to save battery power) and track data every single second. What really makes this data logger stand above other passive trackers on the market is the FlashBack GPS’ ability to work with both PC and Mac operating systems!

“For nearly 5 years our loyal customers have expressed their desire to introduce a GPS data logger that can work with both PC and Mac operating systems, and we could not be happier that in the early portion of 2014 we will be able to meet that demand”, exclaimed the Vice President of Sales for Tracking System Direct. “We anticipate the FlashBack GPS will revolutionize the passive tracking market, making all other data loggers essentially obsolete.”

Additional features of the FlashBack GPS tracker include detailed driving reports that will break down driving activity by mileage, a waterproof casing, easy rechargeable lith-ion battery and more.