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Vehicle Tracking Devices To Monitor City Employees In Manitoba 

In the city of Winnipeg, located in Canada, a controversy is brewing about an initiative that will outfit city vehicles with GPS tracking systems. Looking at speeding up response times from city vehicles, Winnipeg officials have already begun equipping street sweepers and sanding trucks with the vehicle tracking technology and is now ready to put Winnipeg GPS tracking devices into the forestry vehicles. Union members are okay with the fleet management program to increase response times, but they are strongly opposed to the GPS tracking data being used to monitor employees.

If an employee is working in an office facility they are under constant supervision and there are no complaints, so why is it that the union workers want their drivers in the field not to be monitored via GPS tracking? Is it because the tracking system technology is going to catch slacking union workers, something many union workers already carry a reputation for being?

A representative for the union stated that he would not be on board with the vehicle tracking system plan if the GPS trackers were used by the city to micro-manage or discipline employees. Essentially, the union is saying if employees are caught moonlighting by GPS tracking devices then they shouldn’t be reprimanded.

Does that logic seem slightly flawed? If unions were effective and efficient already would there even be a need for a vehicle tracking initiative that will transmit the worker’s position in real-time?

Regardless of what side of the fence a person may be on it is now clear that most cities are investing in vehicle tracking technology to monitor employees, assist in routing and increase overall fleet management operations. If city workers receive paychecks from public funds then they should be held accountable for their services. Slacking workers should be fired so more qualified people can take their position. I for one hope the vehicle tracking devices are used to monitor the employees since they are being paid from my tax dollars!

Source: CBC