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Fleet management refers to managing organizational processes by employing GPS tracking to ensure fleet safety. Fleet managers use location tracking to acquire fleet data and run the data through advanced algorithms to warrant the security of a company’s vehicles and assets. As mobile fleet management has various moving parts and variables, a dependable fleet management application is required to make operations smooth and efficient. In order to make that task of finding the right vehicle tracking solution for you, we have put together a list of the 10 best and most popular fleet tracking applications to help your business better manage its fleet vehicles. But first, let’s take a closer look at what a fleet management solution is and how GPS asset tracking can help a company optimize vehicles from having access to real time traffic conditions to allowing you to track your fleets’ every position!

Benefits of a Fleet Management App

An efficient fleet tracking solution gives business owners a plethora of benefits. For instance, monitoring the mobile workforce through truck tracking is an effective way to increase worker productivity and save valuable time and money. This is done by gauging the driving behavior of vehicle operators by determining their driving time and idle time. Moreover, fleet management applications provide live traffic visuals that help in optimizing navigation and reducing fuel consumption. Fleet management is also useful for driver safety and asset management as the application will keep a check on vehicle maintenance schedules, diagnostic trouble codes, and overall fleet safety. However, most companies invest in GPS fleet tracking apps for the GPS asset tracking technology that gives any business the ability to monitor a vehicles’ location 24/7

Vehicle management software can help businesses in achieving ELD compliance while providing real time access to all fleet vehicles operating in the field. 

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GPS Trackers

What Is A Fleet Tracker?

Before deciding on an ideal fleet tracking software, it is important to understand what it is and how it functions. In essence, a fleet tracking platform or software is a collection of a set of tools that help firms to track and manage their mobile workforce. A fleet tracker provides fleet managers with data, location tracking, and visibility to make informed, real-time decisions regarding assets and the workforce.

A fleet management software uses telematics technology to connect to a vehicle’s diagnostic system. Usually, this is done so by plugging a small telematics device without the need for hardwiring. The attached device gathers tons of information on the vehicle such as GPS location, velocity, fuel cards, diagnostic trouble codes, driving behavior, harsh cornering, etc. All this gathered data is transmitted to a fleet management software through a network connection where it is analyzed by advanced algorithms and processed to create useful reports and feedback tools that help fleet managers in field service management. Lately, advancement in fleet tracking software has allowed for data to be processed and analyzed on a mobile application via Bluetooth or a cellular connection. This has increased the software accessibility and remote functioning capability of this technology.

Best GPS Tracking System For Fleets

OBD2 tracker

  • Track Your Trucks In Real Time Wherever They Are
  • User-Friendly Fleet Tracking Mobile App For Android & iPhone
  • App Allows You To Set Speed Controls & Geofencing Alerts 
  • Learn What Drivers Are Really Doing 


Connect is a live GPS tracker that gives any company the ability to track vehicle location 24/7. Regardless of fleet size, Connect can give you detailed reports such as a drivers’ time at each job site and how fast they are driving throughout the day. Learn why everyone from pest control businesses to plumbing companies is investing in this OBD2 tracker! Ready to get started?!

10 Best Fleet GPS Tracking Apps 2021

LandAirSea SilverCloud GPS

This software platform gives real-time tracking with multiple options to customize features to cater to your needs. The features of the application include geofencing capability, clock in and clock out notifications, playback options, and alerts through text or email. The application can also create shareable links that can be accessed on other smart devices.

Verizon Fleet Tracking App

This fleet tracking application is interactive and comes with advanced features such as the ability to be set up with dash cameras. To facilitate speedy problem solving, you can receive video footage of your vehicle in the case of a collision, sudden break, or overspeeding. Other features including the option to set up delivery schedules and track assets in real-time.

US Fleet Tracking Application

This mobile application offers a wide variety of functions such as generating fuel cards, route optimization, remote capability to initiate and terminate operations, and creating a data registry for contacts and addresses. The application also has supportive live technical support.

Rhino Fleet Tracking Application

Rhino Fleet is an attractive GPS tracking solution due to its speedy and simple functionality, and affordable monthly rates starting from just under $17. Using it is hassle-free as no contracts are required and you can make extra savings by opting for seasonal plans that suit your need instead of an inflexible year-round plan. The software has increased accessibility options due to its compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa.

Teletrac Navman Mobile

Fleet managers can make their job of managing a mobile workforce easy by using Teletrac fleet tracking software. The application offers an interactive and intuitive interface that allows you to keep track of assets all the time. Managers have the autonomy to provide instructions, determine navigation routes, and monitor their employees. Moreover, the application has handy features of messaging and query updates to streamline information and allow for easy communication.

GPS Insight

GPS insight is another useful fleet management application that can help managers be in control of their fleets without having to restrict themselves in the office all the time. The application records valuable data such as task status, driver behavior, automobile location, and odometer readings among other things. GPS Insight has even more functions on the IOS version where you can create readily task points for your employees and communicate with them in real-time.


This fleet management application is an affordable solution for managers on a budget. You can get started for free with limited user access or pay only $7 for unlimited access to features such as fleet reports, data history storage, and API. MyCarTracks does not require a GPS device on the vehicle, a smartphone can do the job for it. Other than that, the application has a smart feature that helps in preserving battery life.

Contigo GPS Fleet Tracker

Contigo fleet tracker is an ideal fleet management platform for Android users. The software allows users to oversee their workers in real-time with the option to customize visuals and graphics to each individual’s needs. Contigo is particularly helpful in showing various vehicles on one map to supervise the overall performance of the fleet. Moreover, it can record a plethora of parameters such as driving time, vehicle velocity, braking time, etc.

TSO Mobile Application

For fleet managers that use TSO mobile, it is convenient to start fleet management by using TSO Mobile’s phone application. You will be able to track all your vehicles on a single map while having the option to choose from different map views. The application is easy to use and is receptive to personalization to further facilitate users. You can also communicate with your workers in real-time through text if you have Garmin connected to this application.

FollowMee GPS Tracker

The FollowMee GPS tracking application changes your Android or IOS smartphone into a GPS tracking device. By installing this software on your smartphone, you can monitor your mobile fleet via the FollowMee website with having data storage for 3-day history. Additionally, you can link multiple users and group them according to their work delegation. The software can also generate data reports that will allow you to analyze your workers’ performance.


To sum up our discussion, a fleet management application is an effective tool for remotely supervising a mobile workforce, managing fleet schedules, ensuring fleet safety, and keeping up fleet maintenance. This technology will streamline various processes and help fleet managers remain on top of their worker’s activities. Our detailed list of the top 10 fleet management applications of 2021 will guide you to opt for the ideal application that caters to all your needs! There are a lot of popular fleet tracking apps to choose from so we encourage you to also do your own research. 

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