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Free Teenage Driving Monitoring Apps

Best Apps For Tracking Teenage Drivers 2023

Parents, as your teen is going through the process of becoming a licensed driver, anxiety, and stress can consume you both. You worry about the dangers of distracted teenage driving and the reality of excessive speeding. But don’t worry, we have a solution for you! In our article, “Free Teenage Driving Monitoring Apps,” we will provide you with a list of apps that allow parents to track their teen drivers and promote safe driving habits. These apps offer both conventional and technological methods to help you monitor your teen driver’s driving habits, making it easier for you to instill safe driving practices. Now, let’s check out some of the popular teen driving safety solutions!

TrueMotion Family

TrueMotion Family is a mobile app available on iOS and Android that tracks your teen’s driving habits and rewards safe driving. The app uses smartphone sensors to measure acceleration, hard braking, and phone usage while driving. Parents can see their teen’s trips, driving behaviors, and receive alerts for phone usage and speeding. The app also rewards teens for safe driving, and parents can track their rewards and redeem them for gift cards. TrueMotion Family has received positive reviews for its easy-to-use interface, accurate tracking, and effective rewards program.


MamaBear is a mobile app that allows parents to track their teen’s location, speed limit, and driving behaviors. The app provides real-time location tracking, and parents can set up alerts for when their teen arrives at or leaves a specific location. MamaBear also monitors social media activity, and parents can receive alerts for inappropriate or dangerous posts. The app has received positive reviews for its comprehensive tracking features, ease of use, and reliability.

Hum by Verizon

Hum by Verizon is a device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port and provides roadside assistance, phone usage alerts, and driving tips. The device tracks your car’s location, speed, and acceleration, and provides alerts for phone usage while driving. Hum also offers driving tips and vehicle diagnostics to help promote safe driving. Hum has received positive reviews for its easy installation process, reliable tracking, and helpful roadside assistance. is a website that offers practice tests, driving school, and driver licensing information. The website provides online driver’s education courses for both teens and adults, and offers resources for obtaining a driver’s license, such as practice tests and DMV guides. is a great resource for parents. Why? The website offers comprehensive and informative courses all for free.


LifeSaver is a mobile app that monitors your teen’s phone usage while driving, and blocks text messages and phone calls. The app uses GPS to detect when your teen is driving, and sends alerts to remind them to put their phone away.


RoadReady is a mobile app that helps you monitor your new teen driver’s progress and practice time. The app tracks your teen’s driving hours and provides real-time progress reports. RoadReady also offers coaching tips and driving advice to help promote safe driving. Online reviews say the app has an easy-to-use interface. is a mobile app that tracks your teen’s driving habits, including speed, acceleration, and braking. The app provides real-time alerts for unsafe driving behaviors, such as speeding or harsh braking. also offers driver scores and rewards for safe driving, and provides parents with real-time location tracking. The app has received positive reviews for its effective alerts, accurate tracking, and helpful coaching.

DriveSafe Mode

DriveSafe Mode is a mobile app that provides real-time location and driving alerts to help promote safe driving. The app uses GPS to detect when your teen is driving, and sends alerts to remind them to put their phone away.


OnMyWay is a mobile app that rewards users for not texting while driving and provides roadside assistance. The app tracks your location while driving, and rewards you with OnMyWay Cash for every mile you drive without texting. The cash can be redeemed for discounts on products and services from partnering retailers. OnMyWay also provides roadside assistance for emergencies, such as flat tires or dead batteries. The app has received positive reviews for its effective rewards program, reliable roadside assistance, and user-friendly interface.

Overall, these Free Teenage Driving Monitoring Apps can be helpful tools for parents to monitor their teen drivers and promote safe driving habits. However, it’s important to remember that these apps should not replace proper driver education and safe driving practices. Parents should also have open and honest conversations with their teen drivers about the dangers of distracted driving and the importance of safe driving habits.

Best GPS Tracking Device

Teen Driving Safety – Why Parents Should Be Concerned

The reason why conventional methods of improving teenage driving are still practiced to this day is that they have a track record of being practical and effective solutions. Experts understand that parents want to do everything in their power to protect their children, even when those children become teens, and eventually teenage drivers. Although there are a lot of frightening statistics out there surrounding teenage driving and motor vehicle accidents, scientific studies have shown that parents are the key to improving safe driving techniques and practices. By setting a positive example of appropriate and responsible driving, having teens complete a parental driving agreement that clearly outlines what is okay and not okay to do while operating a vehicle, and taking the time to practice behind-the-wheel driving for at least 30-50 hours in a variety of driving conditions, parents can greatly increase the odds of a teen becoming a safe and responsible motorist.

But what should parents do if they are still concerned about teen driving safety even after taking all the recommended precautions?

From the technological angle of preventing teen road accidents, parents are bringing into play GPS tracking systems and phone apps for teenage drivers to oversee, regulate, and shape positive driving behaviors. How the application of teen tracking works to improve safety is a parent outfit a GPS tracker onto the vehicle being operated by the teen. The parent can then gain access to a variety of driving information that includes speeds driven, addresses arrived, and times of travel; information that can help any parent identify whether their teen is engaging in safe driving practices.

The CDC has a vast amount of information for parents to research that is completely free and pertains to teen motor vehicle safety that can be accessed on the government website. Tracking System Direct would like to note that safe driving is something that involves everyone because we all share the roadways and that parents are the most crucial component in helping teenagers become successful at becoming safe drivers. We are all in this together! Below are 10 bonus Best Free Apps For Tracking Teenage Drivers 2023!

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Top 10 Free Cell Phone Trackers For Teens

  • Android Device Manager: Track your teen’s phone, view location history, and remotely erase data.
  • Find My iPhone: Track your teen’s phone via Apple devices or iCloud, view location history, and play a sound.
  • Find My Phone For Windows: Track your teen’s phone remotely, lock the device, and erase data.
  • FoneMonitor: Monitors real-time location and app usage, phone calls, text messages, and web browsing activity.
  • Family Locator: Location sharing, custom alerts, and location history for group members.
  • FamiSafe: Restrict access, monitor screen time, track location, and set up custom alerts.
  • Prey Anti-Theft: Tracks your teen’s phone if stolen, with remote locking, data wiping, and location tracking.
  • Glympse: Real-time location sharing, custom alerts, and location history for single or multiple phones.
  • GPS Tracker: Offers 12-hour location history, with geofencing and custom alerts.
  • FollowMee GPS Location Tracker: Geofencing with real-time location tracking and location history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Apps Available For Monitoring My Teen’s Driving Habits?

Yes, there are many apps available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Some popular apps include MamaBear, TrueMotion Family, and DriveSafe Mode.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Teen Driving App?

A driving app can help you monitor your new teen driver, track their driving habits, and promote safe driving practices. Many apps offer features like real-time location tracking, alerts for speeding and phone usage, and rewards for safe driving.

Can Teen Driving Apps Help Reduce Car Insurance Premiums?

Yes, some car insurers offer discounts for using driving apps to monitor your teen driver’s behavior. Check with your car insurance provider to see if they offer any discounts or incentives.

Do I Need To Pay For A Teen Driving App?

That depends on what you want! Why? because there are both paid and free driving apps available. Some apps offer more features with a paid subscription, while others provide basic monitoring for free. Check the app’s description and reviews to see what features are included with the free version.

What Other Resources Are Available For Promoting Safe Teen Driving Habits?

In addition to driving apps, there are many other resources available for promoting safe driving habits. These include defensive driving courses, drivers training and education programs, and resources for distracted driving awareness. Check with your local driving school or DMV for more information.

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