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Best Apps For Tracking Teenage Drivers 2022

Anxiety and stress are two of the most common feelings for parents and teenagers when a teen is going through the process of becoming a licensed driver. Teenagers see all of the opportunity and freedom they will be provided if they are successful in passing the written and behind-the-wheel examinations, but also all the potential peer harassment and feeling of failure that may come if they fail a driver’s test. From the parent’s perspective, mothers and fathers can only think of the dangers associated with distracted teenage driving and excessive speeding, understanding that the main killer of teens is auto-related traffic accidents. Although the process of acquiring a driver’s license can be challenging on the nerves for both the teen and the parent, there are a number of ways parents can help improve safe driving through conventional and technological methods.

The reason why conventional methods of improving teenage driving are still practiced to this day is that they have a track record of being practical and effective solutions. Experts understand that parents want to do everything in their power to protect their children, even when those children become teens, and eventually teenage drivers. Although there are a lot of frightening statistics out there surrounding teenage driving and motor vehicle accidents, scientific studies have shown that parents are the key to improving safe driving techniques and practices. By setting a positive example of appropriate and responsible driving, having teens complete a parental driving agreement that clearly outlines what is okay and not okay to do while operating a vehicle, and taking the time to practice behind-the-wheel driving for at least 30-50 hours in a variety of driving conditions, parents can greatly increase the odds of a teen becoming a safe and responsible motorist.

But what should parents do if they are still concerned about teen driving safety even after taking all the recommended precautions?

From the technological angle of preventing teen road accidents, parents are bringing into play GPS tracking systems and phone apps for teenage drivers to oversee, regulate, and shape positive driving behaviors. How the application of teen tracking works to improve safety is a parent outfits a GPS tracker onto the vehicle being operated by the teen. The parent can then gain access to a variety of driving information that includes speeds driven, addresses arrived and times of travel; information that can help any parent identify whether their teen is engaging in safe driving practices.

The CDC has a vast amount of information for parents to research that is completely free and pertains to teen motor vehicle safety that can be accessed on the government website. Tracking System Direct would like to note that safe driving is something that involves everyone because we all share the roadways and that parents are the most crucial component in helping teenagers become successful at becoming safe drivers. We are all in this together! This is why, even though we do not carry these apps, we believe every parent worried about teen driving safety should check out these apps to monitor driving speed. Below is our list of the Best Free Apps For Tracking Teenage Drivers 2021!

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Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker:

  1. Android Device Manager. Device Manager comes built-in on every Android phone that’s attached to a Google account, which means that you can use the web browser side of the app to track your phone from any computer. Additionally, Google Maps has added a location-sharing service through which you can share your location with family and friends for up to 72 hours.
  2. Find My iPhone. iPhones come with this default app which allows you to track your phone via Apple devices or the online iCloud. Even better, Find My iPhone will track your phone’s last known location even if your phone has died or is turned off, giving you a better chance of finding your phone even if it isn’t turned on. Additionally, Find My Friends is the app add-on that allows you to share locations with friends.
  3. Find My Phone for Windows. Just like the iPhone version, Find My Phone for Windows allows you to track your phone remotely once you log in, and Squad Watch is the version that allows you to see where your friends are.
  4. FoneMonitor. Available for both ios and Android, FoneMonitor works quietly in the background while still effectively monitoring both real-time location and app usage.
  5. Family Locator. While some of the more advanced features require in-app purchases, the free version is great for keeping track of where all of your groups’ members are, helping ensure no one gets lost on group outings.
  6. FamiSafe. Similar to Family Locator, FamiSafe is great for groups. Unlike Family Locator, however, it has far more ways to restrict access to certain sites and more if that’s something you want for certain phones.
  7. Prey Anti Theft. While a rather barebones app, it does track your phone, meaning if it is ever stolen, you will be able to track your phone back down, and it works for ios, Android, and Windows.
  8. Glympse. While it may have a reputation for battery draining, Glympse is one of the more efficient apps out there for tracking the location of a single phone or several and it also allows you to easily share locations from within the app.
  9. GPS Tracker. While also inclined to chew up battery life, GPS Tracker offers perhaps the best location feature of any of the free apps with a 12-hour history feature, meaning that even if you haven’t checked in on your kids in a while, you can see exactly where they’ve been.
  10. FollowMee GPS Location Tracker. Geofencing is one of the key features here, ensuring you’ll get notifications anytime the phone leaves the perimeter you’ve set for it—making it easy to know immediately when your kid is no longer where they are supposed to be.

When it comes to finding the right cell phone tracker for your needs, we hope this guide to cell phone tracking has been helpful. Whether keeping an eye on employees or your children, you need all the help you can get in watching how your people are faring in the scary world out there. These free teenage driving monitoring apps can help tremendously, so we hope our guide helped you find the app for you!

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Parents Call Upon GPS Tracking For Teen Drivers

Every good parent has a concern about the well-being of their children. This natural concern starts the moment a child comes into the world and never stops. However, there are certain times in life where parents find themselves holding their breath a little more when it comes to the safety of their kids. One of these occasions is when a teenager is old enough to get their driver’s license. When a teen acquires their driver’s license it can open up a plethora of new opportunities and adventures. Unfortunately, those same opportunities also present new worries and new stress for parents. Safety classes and serious talks about the dangers of teen driving are all important in the long-term development of safe driving behaviors among teens, but now parents are also turning to GPS tracking systems to help with oversight.

Live GPS Tracking Systems For Teenagers

Designed to provide accurate information regarding how fast a driver goes, locations they traveled and more, teen GPS car trackers give parents comprehensive reports about exactly what their teens are doing when they are behind the wheel. The reports include driving summary information that document every stop the teen driver made and how long the teen was parked at each location. This can be very helpful for parents who want to make sure their teen is not going to certain locations that are considered “off-limits”. However, when it comes to real time car GPS trackers the feature that most parents find advantageous is the speed alert option. What speed alerts provide is a simple way for parents to set a safe speed limit and receive notification the very moment a teen breaches that safe speed limit. A real-world application of this would be for example before a teen gets their license a parent explains that under no circumstances should they drive their vehicle over 70mph. The parent then sets the live GPS vehicle tracker to send out an alert through email and text message if the teen’s car goes faster than 70mph. With the speed alert set, the parent can then receive instant notification if the teen drives over 70 mph and also has a historical log track every single time the teenager exceeds that safe speed limit! This driving activity can be sent to a concerned parent in real-time or stored online for review at a later time.

Teen Tracking Teen Safety Is A Concern For Parents

Any parent who has done even a simple google search for information regarding teenage driving dangers has likely seen some very frightening numbers. This is because inexperience operating a vehicle, pressure among peers and other risk factors create a perfect storm of danger that all parents should take seriously. But when it comes to driving, speeding is one of the biggest dangers for teens. Studies have even shown that teens who drive at high rates of speeds are more likely to be involved in an automobile accident, but thankfully GPS devices allow parents to monitor the speed of a teen driver with precision and accuracy.

When it comes to devices for tracking teenage drivers the most popular on the market are live GPS trackers. The reason live GPS units for tracking a teen are popular is that the systems provide the option to be hidden somewhere in the car, connected underneath the vehicle, or hard-wired into the car. This flexibility of placement is awesome because it can allow parents to be covert when placing a GPS on the car of a teenager. As for the actual car tracking information, the live tracker will transmit everything to a website where parents can view it anytime they want. The real time tracking data can be viewed on a tablet, cell phone or computer.

Parents will always worry about their kids, and rightfully so. They should talk with their teens about safe driving, the dangers of speeding and other things that can help shape a teen into a long-term successful, safe driver. However, parents must also recognize that teens are more than notorious when it comes to doing dumb things and therefore should call upon all available resources when it comes to safe driving. This is where live GPS monitoring technology can help.