Global GPS Tracking Device

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SilverCloud Provides International GPS Solution

Earth_ImageThe world is more connected now than in any other time in the history of mankind. Satellite image programs like Google Earth can give anyone an intimate feel of almost any location on the globe, cell phones give people the ability to speak to friends, family or work associates, regardless of international boundaries, and the Internet has made the sharing of ideas and information as easy as one click of a mouse. The world is now a diverse and complex global economy where countries are all dependent on one another for a variety of things from commodities, manufacturing goods to a wealth of other items. Tracking System Direct understands that having something as simple as a e-commerce website results in having a global audience. That means the GPS fleet tracking company must maintain an inventory of products that can meet the needs of a global marketplace, and no surveillance product is helping international clients in need of a GPS tracker more than SilverCloud Global.

SilverCloud Global is the real-time monitoring solution for businesses and consumers in need of a vehicle tracking solution to be used outside of the United States. From a functionality stand point, the global tracking solution offers all of the same features as the domestic version of the GPS tracker such as speed alerts, web-based mapping program access, unlimited refresh rates, driving reports and more. The only difference is that the global car tracking system has the ability to connect with telematics networks based outside of the United States, giving international consumers the ability to meet their monitoring needs.

“What is so great about the global version of the real-time tracker device is that it can perform with reliability and accuracy in over 150 countries”, explained a GPS personal tracking specialist for Tracking System Direct. “Now, with the global real-time tracker available to online shoppers, people all across the world can experience the ultimate in automotive safety, security and management.”

Investment In Global Real-Time Tracker

Tracking System Direct is now offering the global tracking systems to customers who need a real-time monitoring solution for international usage. However, customers interested in investment of the global tracker need to contact a GPS business tracking specialist at the company in order to have the unit programmed to function off the telematics systems present in the country of intended use. Since each country typically has its own telecommunications companies and networks, international units require individualized programming efforts. The programming process typically is handled within 3-5 business days.

*Note: The only data plan available for international clients is a specialized $49.95 per month option that provide unlimited updates that refresh continuously every 10 seconds.