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Golf Cart GPS Tracker

Best Golf Cart GPS Trackers – Buying Guide 2024

Concerned about the surge in golf cart thefts? You’re far from alone. Increasingly, golf course managers are grappling with this issue. To counter this, many are turning to golf cart GPS tracker solutions. By installing these devices on each cart, the location of every vehicle is easily accessible. From your central dashboard, you can instantly see the position of all carts 24/7. This technology is a true game-changer for anyone who wants to monitor their golf cart.

Considering the vast areas covered by 9 or 18-hole courses, locating a misplaced cart can be tedious. However, with GPS trackers, this problem is mitigated. They provide precise locations, helping managers monitor both cart placement and the pace at which players move.

Whether you manage a fleet of golf courts at a country club or have a single cart you want to protect from theft, in this article we will highlight the best solutions on the market. Finally, we will also go over how to hardwire a golf cart GPS tracker and answer some of the most common FAQs people have. That way, you are fully prepared to make the best buying decision possible! However, before we begin, let’s start with a brief disclaimer.

What Is A Golf Cart Tracker

GPS Tracker

A golf cart tracker is a device that helps you monitor your cart’s location. Using GPS technology, it pinpoints precise locations and sends real-time updates to your phone or computer. With this tool, you can effortlessly keep tabs on your cart anytime, ensuring it’s safe and secure. So, whether you’re concerned about theft or simply want to know where your cart is located, a golf cart GPS tracker can provide instant, real-time updates for you.


This article provides a compilation of the best-rated real-time GPS trackers for golf carts, based on online reviews and real customer experiences. It’s crucial to note that this isn’t a ranking but a list of highly-rated products. We at Tracking System Direct are proud to mention that we carry one of the products featured on this list – but we present this information with full transparency. Our commitment is unwavering: to be 100% open with you, our reader, and help you find the best GPS tracker for your needs. While we’ve curated this list to help you, we also urge you to conduct further research. Now, with full clarity established, let’s kick off our list with the top-rated golf cart GPS tracker – the SpaceHawk GPS.

Golf Cart GPS Tracker
Golf Cart GPS Tracker

1. SpaceHawk – Best Overall GPS Tracker For Golf Cart

GPS Tracker For Car

SpaceHawk GPS Tracker – Technical Specifications

  • Battery Life: Lasts an impressive 10 days
  • Dimensions: A compact 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.6 inches
  • SIM Card: Comes built-in for convenience
  • Data Refresh: 3-second updates
  • Temperature Range: Operates from -40 to 140°F
  • Apps: Both mobile and desktop apps are free

Installation And Setting Up

Setting up the SpaceHawk for your golf cart is a breeze. Simply scan the barcode on the back of your tracker and follow the prompts. This is when you will activate your real-time GPS and choose your data plan. The whole process only takes 2-3 minutes. And of course, if you need any help, free technical support is available Monday-Friday.

Performance Evaluation

First, we used SpaceHawk as a wireless solution in a golf cart before hardwiring the cart (we will go into detail about the installation later in this article). We chose the 1-minute data plan which was super accurate for us with testing purposes, but you do have the option to have refresh rates update as fast as every 3 seconds. This is the fastest on the market and a key selling feature of SpaceHawk. Honestly, the geofencing alerts worked perfectly, the GPS data was accurate within 6 feet, and the mobile app was super user-friendly. This is probably the reason the mobile app has over 100,000 downloads at the Google Play Store!

Final thoughts: SpaceHawk is the market leader in rapid golf cart location data, and provides the best overall user experience from set-up to tracking on the mobile app.





  • Ultra-Fast Updates

  • Waterproof & Magnetic

  • Rechargeable

  • Easy-to-Use App

  • Free Tech Support

  • Small Size: 2.275" Diameter

  • 1-3 Weeks Battery Life

  • Less than $100

  • Updates Every 3 Seconds

  • iOS & Android Compatible

As of 4/02/2024 

4.2 Stars | 22,344 Ratings



  • Compact size: 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.6 inches.

  • Waterproof with magnet mount for easy installation.

  • 3-second data refresh for rapid updates.

  • Free technical support for life.

  • Multiple alert features for enhanced security.

  • Requires a monthly data plan ($19.95).

  • Battery life limited to 10 days.

  • Geofencing alerts may not suit all users.

Read a more detailed review of this product on GPS Tracking Review

2. SpyTec GL300 – Cheapest Mini GPS

Mini GPS Less Than $22


  • Tiny Tracker: Fits cars, kids, pets, anything valuable.

  • Global Coverage: Track anywhere in North America and worldwide.

  • Weatherproof & Hidden: Strong magnet attaches discreetly to vehicles.


SpyTec GL – Technical Specifications

  • Battery Life:up to 10 days
  • SIM Card:Yes, built-in
  • Operating Temperature:-40 to 140°F
  • Waterproof:No
  • Dimensions:3.5 x 1.42 x 1.23 inches
  • Data Updates:5 minutes
  • Monthly Fee:$30
  • Power Source:Battery or Mini-USB
  • Weight: 3.4 ounces
  • Model Number: GL-300

Installation And Setting Up

After installing and setting up the GPS tracking software on the SpyTec GL300, it is very easy to manage fleet tracking features. The blinking lights will show the device has acquired GPS signals and you can then find the real-time location of any golf carts on the golf course. Please know that a monthly subscription is required for SpyTec battery-powered GPS units.

SpyTec GPS car tracker is a motion-activated GPS tracker, and therefore, the battery life will depend on the movement of the golf carts each day

Performance Evaluation

The SpyTec is a dynamic GPS solution that will allow you to track your golf cart 24/7. SpyTec, which can also operate as a fully functional car GPS tracker, updates real-time location every 15 minutes. Previously, the reporting period was one hour when used only for anti-theft. The benefits of golf cart tracking at a faster rate allow course managers to better observe the pace of play in more detail.

The alerts are integrated into this golf cart GPS tracking device using the geo-fencing feature. The geofencing feature will provide SMS and Email alerts whenever the geo-fenced area is violated. Furthermore, you will also get a communication lost alert when the internet connection drops.

The tracking for golf carts becomes seamless with this asset-tracking device. Furthermore, one can also recover stolen golf carts.





  • Compact & Portable

  • 4G Global Coverage

  • Weatherproof & Magnetic

  • Real-Time Tracking

  • Subscription-Based

  • Subscription from $22.95/month

  • Durable ABS Plastic Case

  • Real-Time Alerts & Geo-fencing

  • iOS & Android App

  • Worldwide Tracking Capability

As of 4/02/2024 

4.2 Stars | 5,230 Ratings



  • Compact design: Ideal for discreet placement.

  • Global 4G Super SIM coverage: Worldwide tracking.

  • Weatherproof and magnetic: Durable and secure attachment.

  • Real-time tracking with geofencing alerts.

  • Lifetime warranty with active subscription.

  • Subscription required: From $22.95/month.

  • Limited to areas with 4G coverage.

  • May not fit all golf cart designs.

  • Initial setup requires mobile or desktop app.

  • Limited battery life depending on usage.

As of 10/21/23, there are over 13,178 Amazon reviews for the SpyTec GL300.

Charlotte Baker

Positive Review Review Date -  November 5, 2023

This little gadget is super reliable and easy to set up. It comes with a magnetic case, if you need it. The batteries last for two weeks. Just place this device wherever you want, and log on to the tracker website to track where the device is.

Lindsay Crimmins

Negative Review - Review Date -October 2, 2023

Completely inaccurate. When tracking, it is off by at least half a mile at times. Addresses when stopped are wrong, and routes that are taken are wrong. My return window was supposed to be until today, 30 days, and it will not give me the option. I am very dissatisfied with this product!!!

3. LandAirSea GPS Asset Tracker – Best Wireless Tracking Device

Smallest GPS TrackerLandAirSea – Technical Specifications

  • Battery Life: up to 10 days
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery included
  • Weight: 2.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.6 inches
  • SIM Card: Built-in
  • Monthly Fee: No Subscription Fees
  • Data Updates: Every minute
  • Power Source: Battery or mini-USB
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 140oF
  • Waterproof: Yes

Installation And Setting Up

The setting up process of LandAirSea GPS tracking for golf carts is very easy, but even if you do need help there is free tech support available for this waterproof GPS. The LandAirSea GPS asset tracker utilizes bar code scanning for swift activation. When choosing a data plan, the GPS locater provides update options as fast as every 3 seconds! That is the fastest on the market when it comes to providing golf cart location updates.

Performance Evaluation

LandAirSea 54 works seamlessly and provides carts’ location every minute by default. Furthermore, the course managers will also get notifications when any golf cart is moved without authorization. The location data is accurate within 6 feet, and the mini GPS is one of the smallest on the market. That makes it very easy to hide the waterproof GPS within any golf cart. The result? Cart theft incidents are reduced significantly.

Tested Features

  • Works anywhere in the USA in cell coverage
  • In-App alerts
  • Waterproof GPS trackers
  • Extended battery life
  • Easy attachment





  • Built-in magnet

  • Waterproof & compact

  • Fast location updates

  • Long standby mode

  • Google Maps & alerts

  • Battery Life: Up to 3 weeks

  • Size: 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches

  • Weight: <1 lb

  • Standby Time: 180 days

  • Includes: SIM card

As of 4/02/2024

4.2 Stars | 22,350 Ratings



  • Quick setup with barcode scanning: Hassle-free activation.

  • Waterproof with magnet mount: Durable and secure.

  • No monthly fees: Cost-effective in the long run.

  • 14 days battery life: Long-lasting performance.

  • Highly rated on Amazon: Trusted by users.

  • Works only in USA and Canada: Limited geographic coverage.

  • High upfront cost: $269.00 initial investment.

  • Device size might be noticeable on smaller golf carts.

  • Requires cell coverage: Limited in remote areas.

  • Limited to minute-by-minute updates: Less frequent than some alternatives.

Check out over 5,000+ verified reviews for this GPS tracker via Trustpilot



Quick Setup using barcode scanning

Works only in USA + Canada

Waterproof with magnet mount

High upfront cost - $269.00

No monthly fees

14 days battery life

#1 Rated on Amazon

4. Trakkit App for Android And iOS

Trakkit GPS

Technical Specifications

  • Data Updates: 1 minute
  • Battery Life: Up to 6 days
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery included
  • Version: 2.2.0
  • SIM Card: No
  • Monthly Fee: $7.99
  • Mobile and Desktop App: Both Free
  • Power Source: Battery or USB cable

Installation And Setting Up

Want to turn your cellphone into a precise GPS tracker? The Trakkit app can do just that on your smartphone. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, download Trakkit to safeguard your phone against theft. Plus, you can track your golf cart’s real-time location with it.

One thing we like is that this tracking app has a very low monthly subscription of $7.99. The installation process is very simple. You are only required to download and install the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After that, you can set up the phone on the golf cart to start the GPS tracking.

Performance Evaluation

The Trakkit app is one of the best tracking options for avoiding golf cart thefts, but honestly, it does not come close to a stand-alone GPS tracker such as the LandAirSea 54 or SpyTec GL300. Sure, the Trakkit app notifies the golf cart owner whenever it goes out of the geofenced area, but that means you have to leave your cell phone in the golf cart, which is not very functional. This is not a GPS for golf carts, but only an app.

Tested Features

  • Accurate within 10 feet
  • Phone Alerts
  • Fully Featured Mobile App
  • Easy attachment with equipment



  • High-quality recording: 1536kbps crystal clear audio.

  • Easy file transfer to computer: Includes Micro USB cable.

  • User-friendly: Simple recording with one-touch REC and STOP.

  • Voice-activated recording: Captures only when necessary, saves space.

  • Convenient file management: Time-stamped recordings for easy organization.

  • Limited format options: MP3 and WAV only.

  • No waterproofing: Not suitable for all-weather journalism.

  • Lacks advanced editing features: Basic playback functions only.

  • Physical connection needed for file transfer: No wireless option.

  • No stated memory capacity: Unclear storage limits.

Trackkit has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on the Google Play Store as of 10/21/23



No SIM card needed

Price - $149.95

Dimensions: 2.25″ x 1.3″ x .75″

Hardware kit required

No cell service needed

Not waterproof

Unlimited data storage

No subscription fees

Best Golf Cart GPS Tracker

How To Install A GPS Tracking Device In A Golf Cart

Step 1: Setting Up and Connecting

How To Hardwire A GPS Tracker

  • For your golf cart battery, decide on the best spots for the red and black wires. In this example, we’re tapping into a six-volt battery system.
  • Carefully loosen your selected connection bolts. Connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black to the negative.

Step 2: Getting Your SpaceHawk Ready

How To Hardwire A GPS Tracker

  • Take off the rubber cap from your SpaceHawk; it’s not needed for this setup.
  • Slide back the pins at the tracker’s connection point.
  • Now, connect your hardwire kit to the SpaceHawk. A glowing red light indicates charging – but don’t be mistaken; it’s not turned on just yet.

Step 3: Activating and Securing Your Device

How To Hardwire A GPS Tracker

  • Use the provided pin to switch on the SpaceHawk. Blinking LEDs signal it’s activated, while a steady red means you’re fully connected.
  • Securely tighten the connector screws, ensuring the rubber stays intact. You’ve now sealed a waterproof connection – great job!

Step 4: Placement

How To Hardwire A GPS Tracker

  • Finally, choose your placement. Rely on the magnets for metal spots or use Velcro for an extra secure hold.

Watch the entire video of the GPS tracker being hardwired into the golf car here:

Installing The Voltage Reducer On Golf Cart

Before installing a GPS tracker on your golf cart, you’ll need a voltage reducer. In our guide, we utilized an accessory cable for this purpose. However, if you’re considering a different GPS model than our example, a voltage reducer becomes essential. Why? Because GPS trackers operate at 12 volts or lower, while electric golf carts often run on 24, 36, or 48 volts. Therefore, connecting a tracker directly to your golf cart risks damaging the device or the electrical system of your vehicle.

So, always use a voltage reducer with your golf cart’s battery. It’ll adjust the voltage to a safe 12 volts, ensuring your GPS works flawlessly.

How To Mount GPS Tracker On Golf Cart

You have to use a mounting device if you use a cell phone as a tracker, such as in the case of the Trakkit app. Therefore, you must use a waterproof case with a magnetic material attached to the back. After placing the phone inside the case, you can place it anywhere.

The catch of using a phone as a tracking device is that it will track the locations even if it is inside the metal boxes. So a small hole is drilled inside the case so that the USB cable connected to the golf cart’s battery system does not get damaged.

Alternatively, if you’re using a wireless GPS tracker like LandAirSea, the process is simpler. The tracker is already waterproof and comes with a magnet mount. This design allows for easy and discrete placement. You can hide the tracker inside your golf cart or even attach it underneath. No drilling is required, and its waterproof feature ensures durability, come rain or shine.

Best Golf Cart GPS Tracker


How Does A GPS Work In A Golf Cart For Real-Time Tracking?

Setting up a GPS tracker in a golf cart follows a process similar to cars or motorcycles. But, there’s a catch: always use a voltage converter. Since most GPS trackers need 12 volts to function, directly linking them to the golf cart’s battery can cause damage. After installation, you can position the tracker discreetly inside the cart. With real-time tracking capabilities, you’ll be able to monitor the golf cart’s location and movements instantly, ensuring both safety and efficient fleet management.

Can GPS Systems Help Lower My Golf Handicap Quickly?

Yes, GPS tracking systems can make a dramatic difference in your golf game. Gone are the days when the golf course was only about cigars and friendly banter. Now, discussions around golf GPS units are as common as talking about the perfect swing. Such systems pinpoint the accurate distance from your spot on the fairway or tee box right to the hole. Before GPS, you might’ve guessed distances, leading to wrong club choices.

Consider this: You’re on a Par 5. Your drive sends the ball 230 yards, but part of it veers into the rough. Without a clear marker in sight, you guess the distance to the flag, ending up with a less-than-ideal shot. With a GPS, you’d know precisely how far you were from the flag, choosing the right club for the situation. This accuracy could shave 3 to 4 strokes off your game, giving you a clear edge.

Key Points:

  • GPS systems provide exact distances from any spot to the flag.
  • Accurate readings can lead to better club choices.
  • Using GPS can potentially reduce your handicap by 3-4 strokes.

Is Using A Golf GPS Considered Cheating?

No, using a golf GPS isn’t considered cheating. When you hit the greens with friends, it’s all about striking a balance between competition and pure enjoyment. Many golfers, perhaps even you, might occasionally take a mulligan or relax on minor rule infractions. It’s about capturing the essence of the game and cherishing shared moments. According to the USGA, the use of distance-measuring devices, including GPS, is permitted under Rule 4.3a(1).

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